Root Canal Treatment Melbourne: Facts and Myths

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You should be aware of several facts and myths of Root Canal treatment Melbourne. This article can help you in same.

A visit to the dentist or any doctor is not always a pleasant experience. Many people fear to visit a dentist in a case of small pain in teeth or dome else problem regarding oral care, they fear from such a visit. Problem is physiological as well but people with strong mindset understand that the sooner the problem is rectified more your oral health will improve. A root canal is one of the treatments where anyone can feel anxiety due to less exposure to knowledge, myths, procedure, and treatment in relation to a root canal.
What is root canal treatment in Melbourne?
Root canal treatment, also called as endodontic therapy, is an oral treatment for taking out the infection from the tooth. It can additionally defend the tooth from potential infections. Pulp found in root canal gets infected from severe tooth decay. Therapy carried out effectively in the pulp of the tooth, which is the root canal. Root canal treatment Melbourne is used to talke out nerves from the tooth pulp. It is the removal of the pulp and replacing with a substance that keeps re-infections away in the future. Unlike in the past, the therapy will not leave darkened tooth and preserve the tooth for a cosmetic reason because of cutting edge technology involved in treatment. There is one other option but should only be contemplated when no other option remains i.e. tooth extraction.
Treatment gives the benefit of not only the removal of the tooth but also avoidance of future infection and another tooth related trouble.

Now, the crowning of the tooth is recommended by the dentist after all this as tooth without root canal will be weaker. So, the dentist recommends crowns.
There are various root canal treatment Melbourne myths to be dismissed in society as follows:
  • Treatment is painful: this myth was earlier was a fact when root canal treatment was done using old techniques. Nowadays with technological advancement, the pain factor is long gone and this has been underlined by the American Association of Endodontist. During treatment, general anaesthesia will numb the area and the entire therapy will be painless. Root canal therapy is used to alleviate pain. Most people who have root canal therapy admit they did not experience any kind of pain during the examination and felt better afterwards. So, if you have any kind of problem-related to a root canal, book your appointments with your dentist and go for the therapy because as soon as treatment is done better for your oral health.
  • Other myth surrounds root canal treatment Melbourne is its lengthy procedure and also done in several appointments which can sometimes create irritability among the individual. But on the contrary, therapy is not that such long and can be completed within a couple of appointments. Other than that the factors that control the number of appointments are:-
  1. The area of the infection
  2. The difficulty of the root canal
  3. Whether a referral to a root canal specialist, also known as an endodontist, becomes necessary.
Restoring the tooth after root canal therapy is necessary in order to secure the smooth functioning of the tooth. The appointments needed to completely restore the tooth, should not be considered part of the root canal process.
  • One more common myth is that this therapy can cause illness for example heart, kidney, and arthritis disease. It's not true there are many modern types of research on this myth and it has shown that if any kind of sickness takes place in an individual it's not due to root canal treatment and therapy should not be held liable for any kind of sickness. Modern Research has shown this and busted this myth. This old popular myth that claimed root canal is the root cause of problems like heart and kidney disease sprouted from research done almost 100 years ago by Dr Weston Price. His claims have been diminished by modern research because there is no medical evidence to prove the same. Therefore this myth is now long gone, in fact, have your treatment right away once the problem surfaced.
  • Another myth surface in relation to treatment is that Tooth extraction is a good alternative. NO. The truth is that saving your teeth is the best option. If you have the choice between a root canal and an extraction, try to go for root canal therapy. It's because nothing can replace your natural tooth. No denture or implant will work exactly the same as a natural tooth. So a wise decision in this scenario is a root canal.
  • Some other myth doing round is that tooth has to hurt to qualify for a root canal. Dentist locates that whichever teeth are dead and then after examine suggest the treatment which is a pain- free. Therefore, before anything, the dentist advises the individual for a screening to locate the problem and see the status of the tooth. Then, to locate the dead teeth following tests are done and it includes:

  1. Percussion testing
  2. Use of a pulp vitality machine
  • Lastly, some people believe and think that the benefits of a root canal treatment Melbourne don't last. This rumour is owing to the fact that consequent resulting in the breaking of teeth after treatment. But on the contrary, some master in the field and veteran dental experts says, that this is not the success of the canal treatment but rather the failure in restoration or construction of tooth. Breakage mainly happens to those who fail to get crowns properly. So, treatment last long but it has to be done carefully under experienced dentist. Therefore, then the benefits can last longer.
Now that you know the truth about root canals, and their related myths are busted, you can make a wise decision when talking to your dentist about the best decision for your oral health.
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