Dental Implant Surgery is Essential For Replacing Natural Teeth

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Many patients prefer dental implant surgery as it is comfortable. It replaces the missing teeth.

The dental implant is the prosthetic replacement for missing teeth. Here the surgical fixture is placed into the jaw bone and is allowed to fuse into the bone. This procedure takes a few months. The dental implant surgery procedure is the root of the missing tooth or the bridge.  As it is fused to the jaw bone, there is no support required, and it does not affect the neighboring teeth. The fusion of the jaw bone and the implant is called osseointegration which has excellent stability. They are made of titanium which integrates to the bone as it is not considered as a foreign object by the body.
Favorable Factors for Dental Implants

There are three types of tooth replacement: fixed dental bridge, removable dental appliance, and dental implant. Dentures would be more affordable, but people find it very inconvenient as it has a removable device extra in the mouth. The sense of taste and experience of food is affected due to the presence of this appliance. The dental bridge was satisfactory, but implants are the most preferable. The bridge depends for support on the other existing teeth. Implants depend on the jaw bone and do not affect the neighboring teeth in any way. There are many factors for choosing implants like:

  • Quality of the bone to hold the implant
  • Place where the tooth is missing
  • Cost
  • The health of the patient
  • Preference of the patient

The dental surgeon does several tests to find out the patient's condition. If the tests are positive, then the patient is the right candidate for dental implants. They are comfortable and have the feel of natural teeth. They are so strong that it can be used as support for removing other dentures. Mini implants are used as anchorage device to help the teeth to move to the desired position. Such mini implants can be removed after it serves the cause.
Dental Implants Suit for Single or Many Teeth

For the patients who have lost all teeth due to age, gum disease or decay this dental implant surgery is the best option. Here four implants are used to replace all the teeth. They are placed where the jaw bone is healthy. Slim denture prosthesis is screwed to make it fit. This All-On-4 technique of implant replacement is stable and makes the user feel it as natural teeth. There are more treatment options with implant dentistry for many or single teeth missing. The teeth are permanent, and there is much improvement in oral health.
The dental surgeon examines the mouth of the patient and studies the scans and X-rays. This determines the strength of the bone and gives an idea of what type of implant has to be prepared. In the first stage, the problematic or damaged tooth is removed. A synthetic bone is grafted to the jaw bone for getting a strong base. This takes to heal for about six months.

Administer anesthesia

On the surgery day, the area where the implant has to be placed is made numb by administering anesthesia. In some cases, if the bone is strong enough, the tooth extraction and implant placement are done in the same appointment. If the implant is to be placed on the upper jaw, there is minimal space. Sinus lift has to be performed to graft more bone.
Once the dental surgeon feels enough bone is placed or already present, then he puts the implant. Unique drill tool is used to place this. A cap is placed over it to heal for a few months. Healing period depends on the quality of the bone. This period varies from two to six months. The patient should not put stress on that region. It is necessary for meeting the surgeon to make sure there is no infection, and the place is getting healed as expected.
Once the healing period is over the area is examined to see if the implant is fixed firmly to the surrounding bone. A prosthetic component is attached to it with a screw. An impression is taken, and the crown is custom-made for fitting. The head is cemented or screwed to the component. The cost of implant surgery varies with the region. The fee for the dentist, the value of the element and crown is the total cost.

Only dental surgeons can perform dental implant surgery. There are many experienced dentists in Hadfield Dental Group treating various oral problems.

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