Rolling Road Tuning and Chip Tuning: An Overview

by Paul Busby Automobile Developers
What is chip tuning? In recent years upgrading the mechanism of car has emerged as the best option of improving the performance of car in terms of power and torque generation efficiency. Chip tuning is one such process which involves reprogramming the electronic control unit of the car and determining the new parameters for engine to work. The chip is configured at the injection system of the car and controls the flow of air and fuel mixture that develops inside the engine. Reprogramming the chip sets the new parameters for chip to determine the performance of this mixture.

ECU Remapping

Tuning the chip is the critical part as it controls functioning of different components installed in the car and therefore while tuning functionality of each component is determined in accordance to the new program.

What components are controlled by chip? The electronic control unit of your car controls different components namely automatic transmission system, fuel injection system, the timing system, ignition system, vehicle stabilization system, and the accelerating system. All these components together play an important role in determining the performance of your car. Depending on the corresponding functioning of these items the chip boost the power of the valves and fuel injection system for reaching the top speed of the vehicle.

 Benefits of chip tuning: The benefits of chip tuning can be summarized as follows:

  1. Improved fuel efficiency: Earlier chip tuning was mainly conducted to enhance the performance of any vehicle. But going through the vast technical developments of today’s generation it is also helpful in enhancing the fuel efficiency of the car.

  2. Enhanced horse power: When you get your car dispatched from the dealer its horse power generation efficiency is determined by the maker. But, interestingly there is lots of unused power hidden in that. Tuning the chip breaks the limit of that power and improves the ratio of air and fuel intake in the engine resulting in improved horse power.

  3. Cost effective: As compared to other methods of tuning chip tuning is the cost effective. Because if you upgrade the exhaust system of your car you will have to high amount for enhancing the horse power.

  4. Chip tuning is easy to install: Installing the chip in the electronic control unit is easier than taking out the engine control unit.

What is rolling road tuning: Once the tuning is carried out on your car, the next step is to examine its status that the new settings are performing accordingly or not. The best way to although is to take a test drive on road, but before that the experts conducing chip tuning on your car examine its performance inside their premises by creating the same conditions as you would have faced while driving at the road.

However there are some fundamentals associated with it which are referred below:

  1. Although best efforts are made by the experts to develops the real road conditions, but in real life practice you have to drive on all sorts of roads including terrain, muddy etc. The roads provided during the road rolling tuning are linear and therefore to carry the test the low pull from RPM to redline is carried out.  As a general practice it takes 45 seconds for RPM to reach at redline. While driving at road although these conditions will vary, but still you will notice huge difference in the performance of your car. This is mainly due to lots of factors:

    • During the road tuning the fan in the front portion of the car provides linear flow to restricted area, but while driving on the real road, the speed of fan increases in proportion to the speed. While conducting road rolling on dyno, these conditions are not replicated, along with this the fans are placed in the centre and intercoolers are mainly placed on the sides of the car due to which they do not receive any cooling from fan. This result in emergence of extra air intake temperature than compared to temperature created inside the premises for conducting the tuning.

Apart from above mentioned tests there are different methods through which the power and torque generation efficiency of the EUC can be enhanced. These methods include: Chip replacement (ECU chipping, car chipping, chip tuning), Flash re-programming (Super chips, star chips, etc),Piggy-back ECU modules, Interface ECU modules, Custom ECU remapping and Live ECU re-programming.

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