Role of a Logo Design in Creating a Brand Identity

by Amit Kumar Digital Marketing
Creating a logo design that is visually appealing and a story teller is vital. A brand logo that is unique and stands out renders an excellent performance when compared to other brands. The intention of creating a great brand logo is to help the customers recognize and memorize the brand easily.

As per the recent studies, 90% of the customers expect the brand they are associated with to be consistent across all platforms. Hence this is the reason why the companies need to maintain their brand identity with logo design rather than spreading their business across different platforms with messages. By working with professionals that create a perfect brand identity for the company will help to get the right and best service.

Strategic brand identity for the company

Logo design for the business gives that desired mark that can fit in both big and small spaces. It provides the company with the name it wanted by providing a visual target to the audience. A finance company that is planning for the logo design need not necessarily include dollar or piggy symbols in the logo design. The logo design of the company should communicate your brand attributes like personality using colours, fonts, shapes, and symbols. The logo should be simple and straightforward, making it adaptable to all mediums.

Makes your brand stickier

Images have better capability to attract the attention of the viewers and stock up in their memories when compared to text. In the competitive world where people come across thousands of brands everyday, the company will have milliseconds to capture the attention of viewers. Logo design helps you gain this advantage.

Having a distinctive logo design will make it easier for customers to recall your brand. As humans are wired to identify images and use them to derive meaning and stories. When designing the logo for the company, you should consider the person who is going to view it on a corporate identities, social media ad or any other advertising platform. Consider in what way you want them to remember your brand.

Communicates professionalism and builds trust

It becomes difficult for start-up companies to gain the trust of the vendors, customers, and investors. You should dress for the job impressing the group you want to convince. Customers will judge the appearance before they try your product or service. If you find any website or the visiting card of the business outdated, probably, you will not insist on trying the product or service of the company.

On the contrary, a good brand identity can inspire customers to purchase without even knowing anything about the business. Hence they start to gain trust in your business with your brand identity. The brand identity created in the market also helps you gain loyalty over time, and you will see a lot many fans growing for your business.

Makes the founder feel legit

Starting a business is, of course, a hard job. You have to break many challenges to persuade someone to take a chance on you. You, as a founder of the company, have to face a sheer number of obstacles to overcome challenges in starting your business. Feeling confident about the success of the business during the start-up is a tough game because you have many unknowns and many things to learn.

It might be surprising to hear that logo design can help you with this. It makes your goals tangible and gives you a platform to build your business.

Foundation for visual brand

Once the logo is designed for business, the next step is to move on visual branding decisions where you have to choose some fonts and colours. When the business logo is purchased, you will get a set of brand guidelines that details what a business logo consists of and how it is used in different applications. These guidelines help to build visual consistency as you grow it further.

Create online and offline branded assets

To do list on your desk will be huge when you are launching a new business. Typical things among the list will be launching a website, creating social media pages, printing business cards, and many more. The list of tasks will face a delay if you don’t have a business logo. Even if you are launching the most basic website for your business, having a professional logo will stamp on what your business is doing. Creating a logo will help you to move ahead with the tasks.

Your marketing to-do list will get off your check off from your bucket of accomplishments when you invest in the logo design for the company. You can focus on choosing other brand applications that make more sense for the business.

Meaningful act over time

Logo design is nothing but an empty vessel where the businesses have to pour their ideas to bring meaning to it. A visually appealing logo does not gain a purpose right away; it grows stronger and impactful as you gain the respect of the customers over time.

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