7 Tips for Creating a Brand Identity with Your Logo Design

by Dominic Lester Creative Content Writer

A logo is usually created with two things in mind, the first is to make it something astonishing as well as a story teller. A logo brings the attention of viewers through making them attracted towards color and then tell them about the brand through the elements of a logo. This entire process could be summed up in two words that is what we call brand identity. Brand identity is all about telling people about your brand and creating something unique through which people can identify your brand. Without any doubt, an important part of creating a brand identity is through logos. But creating a brand identity through logo requires some detail and attention and here are 7 tips for the same.

1.      Know Who Is Your Target Market

Without knowing the people you are working for your effort could be worthless and to create worth in a logo you should know who are the people that are looking up to your brand. This is the ultimate hack to bringing your logo on point. When you will have the idea about the target market you will more appropriately play with their perceptions and behavior in order to make them remember who you are.

2.      Offer Value

Offering value is another purpose of the logo when it comes to brand identity. While some businesses tend to provide guidance to the customers the right thing to do through your logo in order to make it remembered is to provide value. When you provide value it makes your customers get attached and creating attachment is a great way of creating an identity.

3.      Create The Visualization of Your Brand

A prime focus of a logo is to create something that is visually imperative and this is what could be one of the factors of creating your brand identity. Storytelling, as mentioned afore, is a part of your branding and through a logo can be a part of creating your brand identity. Visualization is one of the most imperative ways of making the minds of people to be altered.

4.      Make Emotions To Be Carried In The Logo

When people connect to a brand through emotions they become loyal and they can remember it for the rest of their lives. Carrying emotions in a logo can be a great way to make people attached to your brand. However, inducing emotions in a logo requires picking the right elements as well as making the perceptions of the audience to be catered by the visually imperative ideas. For this purpose, you can create a custom logo design that has everything that makes people connect with you.

5.      Keeping It Simple

Complexity is the massacre of understanding and when people would not understand what you are bringing to the table the attachment and connection would be zero. Thus, when you are creating a logo you should make the contemplation on keeping things simple. Simplicity will induce more understanding which then could be used for creating attachment.

6.      Create Something Memorability

Throughout the blog we have talked about how memorability can be used to create attachment and making the people have a connection however the simplest way of the same has not to be discussed yet. The best thing to make people remember you is through creating a logo that is remembered for years. What does a Big Yellow M makes you remember? Surely, most of the people would have thought about McDonald’s and this was what I had to bring to the table. It was that people can remember you through a logo if you make it memorable enough. This is how things can be beneficial in your brand identity as well.

7.      Create The Color Identification

Color plays an important role in creating the identity of the brand. This happens because along with with the attraction the brand psychology to the customers through colors. This can make you have the benefits of creating the perception of your brand in the minds of customers. Mostly, when we resemble the brand through green color it is that this brand will bring some positive effects to the environment and this is how you brand travels to the minds of people who you want to connect with.

Creating brand identity simple yet complex at the same time. It is complex because at times being different becomes a problem for many brands but it is simple because hitting just one element accurately can make people remember it for the rest of their lives. However, these 7 tips can really be impactful in making you have a go at the elements of creating a brand identity through a logo.

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