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The Canada Spouse Visa allows you to sponsor your spouse or partner to live permanently in Canada if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. The Canadian government recognizes the value of keeping families together. As a result, applications for Canada Spouse Visas are given first consideration.

Sponsorship Requirements for a Canada Spouse Visa

You may be eligible to sponsor your common-law partner or spouse if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. The following requirements must be met:

• You must be at least 18 years old.

• You live in Canada or plan to return when your partner or spouse becomes a Canadian Permanent Resident.

• Be capable and agree to take care of your partner's or spouses basic financial needs for three years.

If you are married and want to sponsor your wife or spouse, the Immigration Officers will require the following proofs:

• Questionnaire on Sponsorship Evaluation and Relationship Information.

• Marriage Certificate (Common-law if not wedded).

• Wedding photographs and invitations

If you and your spouse have children together, copies of their birth certificates or adoption records.

• Proof of marriage registration with the appropriate government authority.

A minimum of two of the following documents are also required:

• Proof that you and your spouse own a home together.

• Shared bank accounts.

• Utility bills with both of your names on them.

• Copies of government-issued identification cards.

• Automobile insurance.

• Tax records or pay stubs demonstrating that you and your partner live at the same place.

Sponsoring the Partner or Spouse requires a certain level of income.

Unlike the majority of other types of Canadian sponsorship, you do not need to demonstrate a minimum income when supporting a partner or spouse. However, when you sponsor your partner or spouse to come to Canada, you must sign an undertaking. You must commit to providing financial assistance for their basic necessities.

Depending on the funding category, the duration of the project varies.

It takes three years to sponsor someone through the spousal stream, which includes spouses and conjugal or common-law partners. This period begins when the person who has been sponsored acquires the status of Permanent Resident in Canada.

Sponsorships under the Common Law

According to Canadian immigration legislation, common-law unions are treated the same as regular marriages. You must show that you and your partner have been in a wedding-like relationship for at least one year. Your relationship may thereafter be eligible for common-law sponsorship.

The Immigration Officers will need the following proofs if you want to sponsor your partner under common-law sponsorship:

• Questionnaire on Sponsorship Evaluation and Relationship Information.

Please provide copies of all birth certificates and adoption records for all children you and your common-law partner have together.

• Photographs of the two of you display your marital relationship.

At least one year of relationship proof is required.

A minimum of two of the following documents are also required:

• Documents proving that you and your partner are recognized as common-law partners, such as insurance or work benefits.

• Documentation of joint spending or financial support between you and your common-law partner.

• Testimony from friends and relatives that your relationship is valued (social media, emails, and letters).

If you are unable to provide all of the required documents, you can always think of other options. Look for ways to show your relationship and offer them. Attesting to your common-law status can be done through sworn statements or explanation letters from friends and family.

The Visa Officer's judgment is the final word on your documentation for the common-law relationship. However, the amount of additional documentation you can present increases your chances of being accepted.

Conjugal Relationships

The Immigration Officers would expect the following proofs if you want to sponsor your partner under Conjugal sponsorship:

• Shared housing

• Monetary assistance, such as pooled bank accounts, mutual financial agreements, and so on.

• Testimony from friends and relatives that your relationship is valued.

There is no legal documentation or time period that confirms the bond of commitment to each other in common-law or conjugal unions. Immigration officials, on the other hand, would look for evidence of strong interpersonal and emotional relationships. These must show that you are in a committed, serious relationship and that you intend to stay in it for the long haul.

Sponsorship for Spouses - Outland

If your common-law partner or spouse lives outside the United States, you must apply through the Outland Family Class Sponsorship.

• You are currently residing in Canada with your sponsor, but intend to remain abroad while your application is being processed.

One disadvantage of this choice is that remaining with your spouse until your application is approved can be difficult. Your spouse, on the other hand, can apply for a Provisional Visa to enter Canada while their outland sponsorship application is being processed.

Inland Spousal Sponsorship

If: • You reside in Canada with the sponsor

• Your immigration status in Canada is legitimate

• You intend to file an application for an Open Work Permit to work in Canada throughout the application process; you must apply through the Inland Family Class Sponsorship.

Even if your common-law partner or spouse is not a Canadian citizen, they can apply under this category. This is all while they are protected by a government provision that allows them to stay in Canada before their application is fully processed. One disadvantage of this category is that the applicant must refrain from travelling abroad while the application is being processed.

Application processing times for Canada Spouse Visas

The average processing time for a Canada Spouse Visa application is 12 months, from start to finish. Normally, these applications cannot be processed in fewer than 12 months. However, depending on the scenario, it could take even longer.

The processing of applications may be delayed for a variety of reasons. If your case is challenging, or if the Visa Officer requires additional documentation of your relationship, this is something to consider.

In the first case, you must confirm that your application is accurate and entirely compliant. This is the best approach to ensure that your sponsorship application is processed as soon as possible.

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