RepairDesk is the best repair POS software for your computer repair shops

by Muhammad Waleed Digital Marketer

Having powerful repair POS software for a computer repair shop is important, following the recent right to repair movement that is happening for repair shops in the area. Computer repair shops are seeing more customers coming in, which means that in order to deal with repair customers, you will need a top-of-the-line Computer Shop POS software for all your needs. RepairDesk is a great choice for repair shops who are looking for a repair POS software that does it all. Cellphone and computer repair shops can make great use of RepairDesk’s features and convenience to improve their business.

RepairDesk is a great repair POS software that can streamline a lot of your processes for the future. It is built on the principle of convenience for repair store owners who service lots of customers and need to keep track of all their repairs using powerful repair POS software. RepairDesk offers users features that come in to use daily at any repair shop and is an all-in-one solution for repair store owners.


Create repair tickets and invoices

The major module of RepairDesk is creating tickets and invoices. When a customer walks into a repair store, the repair store takes note of their job in a repair POS software and issues them a ticket generated by the repair POS software. This ticket has all the details of the repair contained in it, such as pre-repair conditions, the type of repair needed, the parts needed, and the technician whom the ticket is assigned to through the repair POS software. A print of the ticket is given to the customer that they can use at a later date when the repair is complete, and the customer brings it into the repair store. The cashiers can then use the repair POS software to scan the ticket and pull up the information in the system. When the repair is complete, an invoice can be generated from the repair POS software, and the store cashier can collect payment from the customer right through the repair POS software.


Managing your repair store inventory

Creating tickets and invoices isn’t the only thing that RepairDesk can do, however. The repair POS software also has a powerful inventory management system that takes care of all records of your repair store stock and parts. For a repair store that has spare parts, tools, accessories, and used items, RepairDesk does a great job of cataloging all items and organizing them efficiently. The items in the inventory can be used through all POS functions, and are updated on the fly. To help manage the inventory, the repair POS software also allows you to set up inventory counts to run on a frequent basis. This helps you figure out the standing of your stock, and helps in calculating the profitability of your repair store. Users can also set up low stock alerts and warnings, letting them know when they are running out of a particular item so that they can replenish it right from within the repair POS software. Inventory that is present in the repair POS software can also have several valuation methods applied to them, such as Last-In-First-Out (LIFO), First-In-First-Out (FIFO), and Weighted Average. This helps you manage your repair store much better, allowing for greater control of how your stock flows. RepairDesk also has a feature called ‘Serialized Inventory’, where items in your inventory are treated as a part of a specific line and are assigned as such. Through the serialized inventory feature, you can create blocks of items that have particular features in common, and use them as part of a serial. This makes it more convenient for repair stores to go through their existing stock and use specific items/parts for specific repair jobs.


Use 40+ integrations for your repair store

One of RepairDesk’s many strengths are the various integrations it supports as a repair POS software. It features over 40 different integrations that users can employ to run their New York-based repair shop even better. RepairDesk supports payment integrations from services such as Square, TSYS and PayPal Here in the USA, Paymentsense for customers in the UK and Ireland, and Tyro for customers in Australia, among others. Another integration that will benefit repair stores is accounting integrations with QuickBooks and Xero. RepairDesk integrations allow your computer repair shop POS software to sync with the online services that QuickBooks and Xero provide, keeping customer and invoice information updated across both platforms. Mailchimp is another service that integrates well with RepairDesk, allowing you to import your customer database into the service along with any tags assigned to them. You can then choose to create mailing lists and send them through Mailchimp after everything has synced with your repair POS software. Perhaps the most useful integration for repair stores is the integrated parts ordering that RepairDesk provides. Through the repair POS software, you can order parts from major vendors such as MobileSentrix, Injured Gadgets, PhonePartsUSA and ReVamp Wholesale. This makes it a lot easier to manage your inventory and order the parts you need right through your repair POS software.


RepairDesk iPad POS Register

In addition to having an online web application, RepairDesk also sports an iPad POS software for residents of New York that they can use to run their repair business. The RepairDesk iPad POS Register app lets you manage your repair store operations right from an iPad tablet, making it easier for anyone to run their store using simple hardware. The iPad POS software contains all the major features of the POS frontend on the web, allowing store employees and owners to process customers, issue tickets, collect a payment and send invoices right through their iPad. This app also helps people who run field repair operations, since they are able to have an entire repair POS software on the go right on their iPad. The iPad POS Register software also supports an offline mode that helps when you have connectivity issues. Any customers you process while in offline mode will automatically sync up with your repair POS software once you go online, which makes it highly convenient for when you’re on the move.



RepairDesk carries within it a great many features and conveniences for stores looking for a good repair shop software. With a solid ticketing and inventory system, lots of integrations, an iPad POS system and great customer support, RepairDesk is the ultimate choice for repair POS software. Store owners who are looking for software that fits all their needs and keeps on improving all the time can give RepairDesk a free 14-day trial by visiting their website and signing up. There’s no credit card required, and you’ll be put in touch with one of our support agents who will guide you through the entire process and help you set up your repair shop software exactly the way you want it. Consider signing up for RepairDesk today.

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