How a POS Software helps you save time and be more productive

by Muhammad Waleed Digital Marketer

The hustle and bustle of a retail store is a never-ending thing and the retailers dealing with this chaos know it all! With so many responsibilities to stay on top of; including customer service, inventory control, employee tracking, supplier management, and marketing, it can sometimes be difficult to complete everything in a timely and efficient manner. If you run a retail or repair store, you know better than anyone else that time is practically money. If you waste time with inefficient processes, manually managing the paper-work, focusing on the low-priority tasks, you're leaving money on the table that will be quickly scooped up by your competitors.

That's why having killer time management skills is critical to be successful in the highly-competitive tech industry. Here's how an easy-to-use POS software can assist you in getting your tasks aligned and helping your team in being more productive throughout the day!


Prioritize & Delegate

Arrangement of tasks isn't an easy thing to do. Still, as a store owner, you should operate with only a few non-negotiable priorities in mind: your customers, your employees, and your finances. So, first of all, whenever you start your day, you should know what do you and your team have on their plates. Arrange your jobs into two categories; one is the crucial tasks list, and the other lists consist of the things that can be delayed to get the high-priority tasks done in time. A point of sale system of retail stores can help you have a look at your scheduled tasks with their deadlines. With the task scheduling feature of a POS system, you can assign the right task to the right person available onboard and track it accordingly.

Get laser-focused with exactly what you're expecting to accomplish by the time you leave your shop. Once you have an idea about everything that needs to be completed in your working hours, then decide how much time you need and work towards reaching that goal. Record the details in your POS system and assign responsibilities to all the team members. Delegate the tasks that make the most sense for both you and your employees so that everyone is playing to their strengths, and you're not just unloading tasks at random. Sometimes it's more important to entrust a certain task to someone else so you can focus on the business rather than working in it. Everything else that benefits you less, no matter the challenges that arise during the day-to-day course of business, needs to be secondary.


Automate Processes with POS Software

Another important practice to adopt is automating everyday operations. Take the stress off your shoulders and why to do everything by yourself when a POS solution can do it for you? Because living in the 21st century, technology offers countless ways to help you be more productive with your time if you use them correctly. One way to make things easier on yourself is to use the systems that can automate and streamline your business.

For instance, if you spend a lot of time manually managing your staff schedules, creating and handling attendance sheets, recording customer details on papers, making excel sheets and tracking employees, you can opt for an all-in-one management solution to take care of all that grunt work for you.

RepairDesk, a cloud-based Repair Shop Software, is an example of such a solution. It enables store owners to easily track shift timings, assign tasks, save customer details, and view reports. Using RepairDesk, retailers can monitor everything from one central location, saving them tons of time and effort.


Analyze Reports Regularly

Setting a goal and working to achieve it is useless if you can't measure the result and progress of your hard work. The right point of sale solution for your retail store can shave hours off and provide valuable reports on inventory, employees, sales, customers and much more. The reports available from modern POS software can help you make better business decisions, but that isn't all. The reports can also help you explore everything from bestsellers to inventory turnover, providing all the details necessary to best plan for the future without wasting time and money on mistakes.


Keep Your POS Software Integrated

If your customers are waiting in queues and your checkout process is not streamlined, consider integrated payments. Point of sale integrated payments allow sales to flow directly from your point of sale system to your card reader. With integrated payments, you won't have to key the transaction information into the card reader manually. This makes it easier and faster to ring up sales and removes a double entry, as well as the likelihood of human error.


As a busy retailer, you know that managing your time is the key to success, but that it has little to do with how many hours you work and more to do with how productive you and your staff are with those hours. The true goal of time management in your retail business is to reduce distractions and inefficiencies that are limiting the potential growth of your store and business as a whole. By adopting these tried and true methods, you're well on your way to success.

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