Rejecting 3 myths about pregnancy ultrasound scans

by Phoebe Warts Sonographers

When you get pregnant, your doctor might ask you to get an ultrasound test done for several reasons. These ultrasound scans help doctors to detect certain defects or abnormalities, and medical conditions even before your baby is born. Anyway, as a soon-to-be parent, it might be a truly exciting experience for you to see what your baby is doing inside your womb. Isn’t it? However, there have been several myths over the years that have raised concerns among parents when it comes to undergoing ultrasound scans. Therefore, being the most recommended 4D Baby Scan Clinic in Reading, Window to the Wombs' here to debunk some myths about pregnancy ultrasound scans and reveals the truth behind them!

1.    So many ultrasound scans can cause harm to the developing baby: To be honest, there is no any conclusive evidence that pinpoints if too many ultrasound scans can pose a serious risk to your unborn baby who is gradually developing in your womb. For this very reason, most medical professionals opine that ultrasound scans are totally safe for pregnancy. Your doctor might have certain medical reasons if he or she is asking you to take more than the average number of ultrasound scans that most women usually need during their pregnancies. However, a majority of healthcare providers recommend that ultrasound scans should be done on an as-needed basis!

2.    3D ultrasound scans are more accurate than 2D scans: Let us inform you that this is not at all true. However, 3D ultrasound scans provide more details and depth in their imaging than a 2D ultrasound scan but that does not make them any more accurate than a 2D ultrasound scan. Note that, ultrasound scans are used to measure several factors during pregnancy and doctors might use them for different purposes also. For an instance, a 2D ultrasound scan can show amniotic fluid and some birth defects more accurately than other ultrasound scans. A 3D ultrasound scan, on the other hand, shows a more enhanced image and is more accurate in catching physical birth defects such as cleft lip, misshapen limbs, or certain problems with the spinal cord of the baby. Therefore, both 2D and 3D ultrasound scans are equally important during pregnancy.

3.    No ultrasounds should be performed during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy: This particular myth probably arises due to the misconception that people often have about the use of radiation used during an ultrasound scan. Therefore, most soon-to-be mommies would not prefer to put their babies at risk during the initial stages of pregnancy. However, there is no proof that suggests that an early pregnancy ultrasound scan can have an adverse effect on the growing fetus.


However, if you have any questions about other myths about pregnancy ultrasound scans, seek guidance from our team of capable medical professionals at Window to the Womb, the most recommended Early Pregnancy Scan clinic in Reading

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