Why Is It Important To Undergo Private Ultrasound Scans During Pregnancy?

by Olivia Clare Writter, Blogger

An ultrasound baby scan is an eminent part of pregnancy. A mum-to-be gets to see her unborn child in her womb for the first time through an ultrasound scan. Prenatal ultrasonography is nothing but a test that uses high-frequency sound waves to see the developing baby on a computer screen. However, an ultrasound baby scan can be done for so many reasons. Your gynecologist can prescribe more ultrasound scans if he/she detects any problem in the previous scan. Hence, routinely going through ultrasound scans is like a safeguard for your baby. Window to the Womb that provides the most favorable baby scan packages in Peterborough will make you acquainted with the role of ultra-scan during pregnancy. 

Confirmation of pregnancy- In markets so many pregnancy test kits are available to check whether you are pregnant or not. But these types of test kits are not fully reliable. Such pregnancy kits often show fake results. In this matter, the most reliable test is ultrasonography. Ultrasound baby scan reports never bluff. It gives you a confirmation with 100% accuracy. 

Verification of multiple pregnancies- With the confirmation news of your pregnancy, you would get to know if you are carrying twins or triplets inside your womb. 

Confirmation of gestational age- It is very important to know the gestational age as it helps to evaluate the proper growth of the fetus. 

Detection of a problem with the placenta- The wrong position of the placenta is harmful to the baby. An ultrasound baby scan checks the position of the placenta. An ultrasound scan can determine complications such as placenta previa, placenta accrete, vasa previa, placenta increta. 

Detection of congenital anomalies- The parents should know if their baby is suffering from any congenital or genetic dysfunction so that they can discontinue the pregnancy or prepare themselves to face that problem with a solution before the arrival of the baby.

Monitoring fetal position and fetal growth- During the process of ultra-scan, the computer screen displays a clear view of the baby so that the parents and the doctor can see the position and the growth of the baby. It checks the heartbeat, muscle tone, movement, the overall development of the baby. The development of the fetus decides the health of the baby and the position of the baby affirms a safe delivery without any trouble. 

Monitoring the level of amniotic fluid- The amniotic fluid facilitates the exchange of nutrients, water, other biochemical products between the mother and the baby. The amniotic fluid should be on a proper level. Too much or too little fluid can affect the growth of the baby. Hence, a mom-to-be should check the level of the amniotic fluid through an ultra-scan routinely.  

In a nutshell, it can be said that going through an ultrasound scan is more like taking extra special care for you and your little one inside your womb. 

If you are a mum-to-be and just willing to have an early pregnancy scan in Peterborough do visit the clinic of Window to the Womb.

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