Reasons why Lab Grown Diamonds are so Popular

by ABD Diamonds Pvt. Ltd. Leading Diamond Manufacture & Supplier
Haven’t you heard the new saying that goes, “It’s a lab grown diamond that’s a girl’s best friend”? Doesn’t it say it all! Yes, it does but there are plenty of reasons why the lab grown diamonds are so popular and you must certainly invest in them. Reputed lab grown diamond companies say that lab grown or manmade diamonds have already revolutionized the diamond industry. Here are some of the reasons why these diamonds are so popular and why you must definitely invest in them -

1. Improved quality and purity

Diamond lovers must know that lab grown diamonds to be purer than mined or natural diamonds. They also contain improved quality because of the same reason because they are created under highly controlled conditions. They are purer and whiter than natural diamonds. It may interest you that manmade diamonds achieve higher ratings than natural diamonds. 

2. Guilt-free composition

Natural diamonds are called ‘blood diamonds’ because of their dark background.  The mining industry is known for exploiting children and labor during the mining process. Human rights violation and bad working conditions have been long criticized. Fortunately, that’s not the case with lab grown diamonds as they are manufactured in labs. It doesn’t harm anyone or violate anyone’s rights. 

3. Affordable diamonds

One of the major benefits of buying lab grown diamonds is affordability. People from various backgrounds can easily buy these diamonds as they are cost effective. Manmade diamonds are available in a variety of colors and designs. If you want to buy polished diamonds of your choice, you can buy those at attractive prices. There are a number of diamonds available in various colors you can choose from.
4. Environment friendly

It is well known to everyone that the mining industry has damaged the environment to a huge extent. It uses a huge amount of fossil fuel. Lab grown diamond companies say that’s not the case with lab grown diamonds. These diamonds are fully vegan and are considered a great alternative to natural diamonds. The rising popularity of these diamonds vouches for the same. 

It can be easily concluded that investing in lab grown diamonds is a great idea. These diamonds are sturdy and can withstand the beating of time without getting affected which means you get value for your money. They contain the real properties as real diamonds so you don’t have to worry about brilliance and quality.
Hope you found the post useful and informative. For more information related to lab grown diamonds or polished diamonds feel free to get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to answer all your queries related to manmade diamonds. 

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