Reasons to Get a Chimney Cap Installed

by Kevin Smith Author

Your chimney is one of the last parts of your home you'd expect to get severely damaged if left unprotected. However, with the help of a chimney cap, you can improve the health and efficiently of the chimney in your home. Here are a few other reasons why you should consider installing chimney caps in Lilburn.

Reduces Moisture

Believe it or not, a chimney cap can help keep rain from entering your chimney, wreaking havoc to your fireplace. Rain pouring down your chimney can cause extensive damage if you have a chimney with mortar joints, stainless steel liners, or chimney dampers. However, besides causing water damage to your chimney, moisture can also produce dangerous mold and mildew as well. 

Blocks Out Animals

It's not uncommon for small animals, such as squirrels, birds, and raccoons, to try to make a home in your chimney. However, in some unfortunate cases, these animals accidentally enter your chimney and can't get out, ending up in fatalities. This can lead to flies, maggots, and foul odors filling in your home from the chimney. However, with the installation of a chimney cap, you can prevent animals from making a home in your chimney and dying as a result of getting stuck.  

Prevents Downdrafts

Wind blowing down your chimney is known as a downdraft and can severely damage your home. If you have a fire lit when this happens, it can blow smoke and even sparks back into your home. With a chimney cap, the device can prevent downdrafts from affecting the smoke and fire in your chimney, keeping you and your family safe.

Prevents Embers and Sparks

People are known to refer to chimney caps as spark arrestors because they can help prevent sparks and embers from going up your chimney and damaging your roof. In severe cases, sparks landing on your roof can even cause a roof fire, putting you and your family in serious damage, plus hundreds of dollars in repair costs.

Prevents Build-Up of Harmful Debris

Twigs, leaves, and other debris can fall down your chimney and build up, which can cause smoke to back up into your home, causing a dangerous environment for you and your family. However, with the placement of chimney caps in your Lilburn home, you can prevent small debris from creating blockages. Also, a chimney cap can prevent harmful debris from falling into your chimney, which can light on fire and land outside of your fireplace. This sort of hazard can even have the potential of starting a house fire if no one is around the fireplace.

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