Reasons to Consider a Tankless Water Heater

by Kevin Smith Author

If it's time for you to call plumbing contractors in Anaheim, CA, to replace your water heater, you may have wondered if a tankless water heater is right for you. Tankless water heaters have numerous advantages over conventional water heaters (tank heaters). If it's time for you to replace your failing conventional water heater, here are some reasons you may want to consider a tankless water heater instead.

On-Demand Hot Water

Conventional water heaters work by storing water in a tank and continuously heating that water for when it's needed. That means that if you have a high demand for hot water in a short amount of time, you're likely to run out of hot water and have to wait for a new tank full of water to heat. You can forget about this problem with a tankless water heater because the water is heated as it's needed. That means that no matter how much hot water you've used, you'll always have it whenever it's needed.

Unlimited Hot Water

Along with having hot water when you need it, a tankless heater isn't limited in how much water it provides like a conventional heater is. As long as you have the plumbers properly size the unit to your home and its needs, you'll never run out of hot water even if you have numerous showers and water-using appliances running at the same time.

Energy Efficiency

It may sound like a tankless heater uses a lot of energy since it can provide hot water as it's needed. However, the opposite is true. Conventional water heaters waste a lot of energy heating water regardless of when it may be used next. A tankless model is 30% more efficient than standards heaters because there's no energy wasted heating water that won't be used. You'll save substantially on utility bills over the life of a tankless water heater.


Standard water heaters fall victim to corrosion in the tank and fittings after time because they're subjected to the harsh minerals in the water they store. Tankless water heaters last longer than these models because they don't store the water, so you won't need plumbing contractors in Anaheim, CA, to replace your heater as frequently. The warranty alone is usually the same as the expected lifespan of a conventional water heater. However, tankless water heaters consistently last much longer than their warranty, often twenty years or more. 

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