Reasons to bet on romantic decor in your bedroom

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If you have ever needed to decorate a room in your home, be it living room, kitchen, bedroom or even bathroom, you must have had that doubt: after all, which style of decoration can I choose for this environment? This type of doubt is very common, since when it comes to decoration, there are several options of the most varied styles to choose from.


But, as we are always thinking of ways to make your day to day easier and more organized, we have gathered in today's post some tips so you can rock when decorating your favorite environment. Yes, we are talking about your room. And the good news today is for the romantics on duty: here are some tips and good reasons to bet on romantic decor in your bedroom. I bet you're already curious, right? Come on! Write it down and then put it into practice, huh?

What is romantic decor?


Before we talk about romantic decoration tips, you need to understand what romantic decoration itself is. Unlike what many people tend to think, romantic decor is not childish. On the contrary, it helps to bring to environments a tone of lightness, making them more cozy and beautiful.


By bringing mainly more pastel tones, the romantic decor combines very well with rest environments, such as the bedroom. But you need to know how to decorate its elements so that it doesn't end up being simple or even childish. And that's exactly what we're going to help you with today!


Bet on light and neutral tones!


Remember we talked about light tones earlier? If you've decided that romantic decor is going to be the next one for your room, don't forget that light and pastel tones guide this style. But beware: just because we are focused on a more romantic decoration doesn't mean you need to paint all the walls pink or similar tones.


It is important to always remember that romantic decor goes far beyond shades of pink and others that may be similar. The earthy tones, for example, match a lot with this style of decoration and usually make the environment more 'adult', in addition to being super high, of course.


So, when choosing the color palette that will be part of your romantic bedroom decor, remember: earth tones, light and pastel colors can also (and should) be part of your choice. Room all pink was for the little 5-year-old girl, huh?


How about wooden furniture?


That's exactly what you've just read: when we talk about romantic decor for bedrooms, we can't forget that the furniture that best matches this type of decor is wooden. But it is important that they have some characteristics that can serve this type of decoration, for example:


– Be finished in white;


– Be made in wood with lighter tones;


– Count on straight lines and simple finishes, dispensing with steel apparatus, metal, marble or glass pieces.


And this tip applies to all High End Custom Furniture in the bedroom: wardrobe, dressers, nightstand, dressing table, bed, among others. It may seem like a simple tip that can be left out, but believe me: the choice of furniture makes all the difference in the process of building a romantic decoration within an environment, especially the bedroom.


Flowers, flowers and more flowers


No, we are not saying that you need to turn your room into a real garden for the decor to be considered romantic. Of course, flowers occupy an important space in this type of decoration, after all, we are talking about the most romantic element there is. But you have to know how to use them carefully so that the romantic decor doesn't end up becoming tacky and even exaggerated.


And when we talk about 'flowers, flowers and more flowers', we're not just referring to the plants themselves. You can even adopt some vases of flowers in your room (if space and weather conditions allow), they can even match the rest of the decor, bringing that aspect of nature into the environment.


But here we can also go a little further: bet on floral patterns, which can be incorporated into other elements of the decoration, such as: curtains, bedding, among others. Just be careful not to replicate the same floral pattern on all these items, after all, we don't want to make your room look like grandma's kitchen, do we?


Best friends: mirrors, ornaments and paintings


One of the main characteristics of romantic decor is its attachment to details. And, it is simply impossible to talk about details without remembering the best friends of this type of decoration: mirrors, ornamentation and paintings.


As we mentioned earlier, romantic decor is mainly composed of straighter lines, and it is precisely in this sense that you can bet on the ornaments and baseboards of your room. All this without forgetting the paintings and mirrors, which can count on delicate frames, which always bring in their essence the aspect that we love and want most here: the romantic.


Wooden frames, for example, can be an excellent option to ensure the desired finish. Here it is worth matching the colors chosen for the frames with the palette chosen for the rest of the decoration. But when in doubt, bet on white. In addition to being a wild color, he is still super-romantic. (No wonder brides wear white, right?)


Don't forget the quality of the furniture!


Everyone likes a beautiful and well-made decoration, but in addition, you have to value the quality of the furniture that will be part of your room. Have you ever thought about investing in custom upholstered furniture?


Here you will find excellent options in iron beds and custom headboards. Everything to make your room decor even more romantic and with an amazing finish. Get in touch and learn more about our work.

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