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One of the most enjoyable moments for those who enjoy a cozy and welcoming home is the time to choose bed custom furniture for the home. Furnishing the corner you love is essential to build a space that reveals your style of being and offers all the comfort. How to do this without risking setbacks?


To answer the question, we have prepared this post with some essential tips for you to choose with good taste and security the furniture that will make your home even more pleasant and harmonious. Good reading!

Understand the importance of choosing home furniture well


Furnishing your home is an activity that requires organization, tranquility and information. After all, the decision must suit your taste and that of the people in your circle of acquaintance for a relatively long period.


Try to take time to plan what you really want and need in your home or apartment before you go shopping.


The market offers many options and research is one of the good tools in your favor. In addition to saving your budget, looking for the pieces according to your needs, according to the areas in which they will be installed and the decoration is essential so that nothing is misplaced or does not match the rest of the decorative items.


Find out what criteria to consider when choosing furniture


To make your task easier and help you find the furniture of your dreams, we have listed some factors to be observed at this time. Check out.


Decor style


The pieces that will furnish your home should be in harmony with the existing decor style or that you intend to adopt. The main decorative styles are:


  • classic: it is a style that stands out for its refined and elegant lines, with a Greek and Roman inspiration;
  • Retro: it is marked by elements that refer to the 1950s/70s. The design is visually striking and dynamic, revealing much of the personality of the residents of the residence;
  • Rustic: reproduces country houses, using many recycled elements. It gives an air of naturalness to the environments, with great taste;
  • industrial: it is a style that emerged in the United States of America in the second half of the 20th century, which transformed sheds and industrial areas, with their apparent electrical and hydraulic installations, metals, concrete and exposed masonry, into residences;
  • Contemporary: it uses many modern traits, especially advanced technology materials and geometric designs, in addition to exploring colors and textures.


Ambient space


Beauty and comfort are important aspects to be observed when purchasing home furniture. However, these are not the only factors you should check when doing this.


It is essential to take into account the available area in the room, including the arrangement of doors and windows, so that the furniture composes your decoration with functionality and balance.


It is common for people to buy beautiful pieces and be surprised the moment they are delivered to the residence: they pass tightly through the doors (this is when they are not damaged or spoil the walls); they are dissociated from what was proposed for the environment; and, worst of all, they don't fit in the place.




Combining style, beauty and comfort is an operation that requires a lot of attention. However, another item needs to be taken into account when choosing furniture, especially if you are going to furnish small spaces: functionality.


Opting for the functional allows you to better enjoy the area of ​​the place, without giving it that feeling of claustrophobia and crowding.


In addition to being used in more than one function, items in this category fold, unfold, can be gathered in smaller places, without you having to give up beauty and sophistication.


Learn 7 Tips to Make Quality Decisions


Now that you know the necessary criteria to choose and buy furniture that will make the greatest success in his home, adding more comfort and warmth to the surroundings, nothing better than learning some care. Check out our tips for doing this smoothly.


1. Choose colors from a predefined palette


The piece can have a wonderful design and be very useful, but if you get the color wrong, you know how it is: the space loses its balance and it seems that the disconnection has taken over the room. Create a color palette of the location where the furniture will be installed using the color wheel. The palette types are:

  • primary: constituted by the primary colors;
  • complementary: contains the opposite colors of the color wheel;
  • Analogous: has the colors placed next to any color that was chosen in the color wheel;
  • Monochrome: displays a single color of the color wheel.


2. Use light colors


Installing furniture in light colors creates the feeling that the room is larger, airy, bright and creates an atmosphere of good vibrancy and liveliness.


3. Know the location before choosing the furniture


Take a good look at the place before buying the sofa, table or wardrobe, for example. Take an area measurement. Take into account the number of people who will use the place and the ease of movement of them inside the space.


4. Simulate furniture arrangement


Having planned the decoration and related which furniture will make up the room, a good idea is to make a simulation of their distribution in the area, defining the position of each one, the spacing between them and the circulation of users.


5. Decide for multifunctional furniture


It is the type of furniture that serves many situations and purposes. Sofa with bookcase, beds with trunk or sofa bed, for example. If your house is small, it is the most suitable; as it reduces the need for many items and helps people to move around.


6. Prefer the straight design


Pieces with this design are easier to arrange in multiple locations, including the corner fittings on the walls and floor, offering more functionality than rounded furniture. They also provide a sense of continuity and spaciousness in the environment.


7. Use empty spaces


The bespoke furniture is a great tip for you to take advantage of the areas under the table and beds, corners and air space. Cupboards, drawers, shelves and bookcases are good options.


As you've noticed, choosing furniture for the home is easier when you know what you need to know before buying it. So, with good taste and creativity, your house will be even more beautiful and you, deservedly, will receive all the compliments.


Did you like our tips? Now it's time to plan your dream furniture and go Free shipping Furniture. Before, share this post on your social networks with your friends. Maybe someone doesn't decide to keep you company.


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