Reasons for Every Runners to Have A Gait Analysis by Podiatrists

by Jill Hunter Podiatry Paediatrics
Do you know the status of your foot movements? As a runner, you must consult podiatrists for gait analysis so you can move ahead being free from worries.

Experiencing injuries are common to almost 50% of runners and more. The running stress as well as the load the legs and feet have to bear cause a high-rate of problems related to running. Some well-known examples are plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, runners' knees, and stress fractures which the runners face.
Using the correct sized running shoes is excellent for common runner's injury prevention. You might easily buy a pair or two high-quality running shoes, as your coach guides you, but the off-the-shelf shoes are not able to rectify the unique gait irregularities you are having.

But there is one way to ensure your running shoes are completely customized for rectifying your individualized biomechanical problems, and that is with professional gait analysis done by the best podiatrists at the renowned podiatric clinics in Perth.Some essential information obtained regarding advanced gait analysis is that once it is done, the data is integrated and the customized orthotics is produced on-site.

Obtained Information During the Gait Analysis

Through gait analysis, the detailed information revealed is about the way you walk, run, and stand. The information discloses the muscle and skeletal problems and brings up the abnormal biomechanics increasing the risks related to your running injuries.

As the podiatrists perform the gait analysis, the user the innovative FreeStepTM software while the runners are placed on the sensor treadmill and even on a sensor platform for completing the studies like:

• Static Analysis

Through static analysis, the plantar pressure loads are measured without shoes. The FreeStepTM software creates three-dimensional images of your pressure joints that include information regarding pressure distribution, the center of gravity, and the pressure amount placed on each foot part.

• Dynamics Analysis

The FreeStepTM software helps in capturing the information regarding your gait cycle as well as foot geometry while you are walking and running. For every footprint, the information is saved and analyzed.

• Posturography

Posturography helps in balance and postural control evaluation while walking, standing, and running.

• Videography and Biomechanical Analysis

A 3D motion analysis is obtained through which the body movements are analyzed that includes the details like the knees’ angles, the specific joints’ motions, and the force loading as the runners are executing each step.

• Electromyography or EMG

Through EMG, the electrical activities of your muscles are measured. The podiatrists use it for detecting neuromuscular problems, which are likely to contribute to gait problems and conditions like drop foot. 

• Plantar Pressure

Plantar pressure indicates the pressure placed on foot each time it is hitting the ground. The podiatrists measure this pressure during each of your gait's phase so the unique biomechanical issues are identified.  The biomechanical problems are sure to significantly impact the pressures your foot and legs sustain. For instance, pronation, the way in which your foot is rolling inward while taking a step and allows shock-absorbing structures in feet for bearing the brunt force while running.

In case you are overpronating or underpronating, then the arches will fail to absorb the pressure properly. The ultimate result is the other structures are bearing more stress than they are meant for managing that further leads to more painful injuries.

Being a runner, you have to closely concentrate on your fitness and feet health. So, gait analysis is most essential to define you are safe from injuries. Do not ignore the slightest pains as it could become large in the next phase. Consult the podiatrists at the earliest for gait analysis to be sure your movements are safe and assured.

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