Ramdev Formulations For Easy Passage Of Stool

by Ramdev Medicine Business

We come across many people that face difficulty in passing stool in comfortable manners as it becomes so hard. Lot of strain is required for passage of stool and the patients suffer from swelling and pain in the abdomen. Vomiting, nausea and irritability are the usual symptoms of constipation that often leads to fissures, backache, confusion and headache etc. Taking fiber-less foods, drinking less water, colon cancer, inactivity and sedentary life are the major causes of constipation that is quite common during pregnancy in the women. Over-the-counter medicines may not give fruitful results. It is the ayurvedic remedies and the ones by Ramdev in particular that give sufficient relief. Patients are fully satisfied with these formulations. Patanjali Ramdev medicine for constipation is a wonderful formulation that not only cures the disease but also strengthens the digestive tract. Regular use of this medicine is much helpful in saying NO to the symptoms of constipation.

Various medicines by Ramdev – Following extraordinary remedies since suggested by the Yoga Guru give good results:

  •        Triphala Churna
  •        Udara-Kalpa Churna
  •         Amla Churna
  •        Udaramrita Vati
  •          Udarkalp Churna
  •          Gangadhar Churna
  •         Golukand
  •          Health Pack for constipation and detoxification
  •         Patanjali Isabgol
  •         Patanjali Shodhit Harad

Swami Ramdev recommends the following home remedies that also act as strong fighters against constipation:

  •          Take sufficient water after frequent intervals. Add some lime juice and salt.
  •          Guava is an excellent fruit that helps in killing constipation. Mucus is produced with this fruit that allows passage of stool in easy manners.
  •          One spoon of flax seeds may be mixed in warm water and taken every day for saying NO to constipation.
  •         Boil some basil leaves and mint and drink the liquid each morning. It helps the digestive system to work normally.
  •         Grind some seeds of sesame, flax and almonds and take the powdered mixture regularly with warm water.
  •          Constipation can be treated naturally with raisins that are rich in fibre. Soak the seeds of raisins in water in the night   and take them early morning before taking anything else. It gives good results.
  •          Make it a habit to take high fibrous diets. Likewise add more green vegetables to your food. Fruits may be taken on regular basis. Cabbage, spinach, tomato and radish are much helpful in getting rid of constipation.
  •          Form a habit to get engaged in yoga asana and physical exercises. Go for long walks, swimming and other sports. They help you to kill the symptoms of constipation and also get empowered in a big way.
  •         Say NO to drinks, smoking, processed foods and spicy eatables. They aggravate constipation that can be prevented with abstinence from wrong medications too.

Constipated patients! Do try Patanjali Ramdev medicine for constipation that treats in natural manners. It is easily available through Patanjali stores across the globe. Reasonably priced, it can be delivered at your doorsteps without any extra charges. Make its use and get benefited. 

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