Quick Guide To Winning in Esports Live Betting

by Richard Robinson SEO Specialist

Betting on esports is easy: you cast your bets, you watch the games, you wait for the results. It’s a three-step process that everybody knows. While a huge portion of the betting market is used to doing such, another likes to do it with a bit more spice; they choose to do live betting, where the steps are done all at once.

Standard esports betting and live betting differ in a way that the first one lets you take all the time you need to gather all that’s happened in order to predict what’s next, while the latter lets you take a quick moment to digest everything that’s actually happening. It’s just a matter of time.

But aside from time, there are also other factors to consider when you’re choosing to bet on esports games as they happen. Live betting can be challenging for a few reasons:

  • You’re basically on your own. Usually, standard esports bettors prepare for a match by digging up information on as betting predictions by other pro bettors and bookies. But in live betting, you’re relying on your own knowledge and judgment.

  • It’s hard to be strategic. Every esports betting guide will tell you that in a live betting line, having pre-programmed strategies and betting styles won’t cut it because matches can be very unpredictable. Which is why when you’re betting live, it’s a must that:

  • You have to think on your feet. You won’t have the opportunity to ask around or scroll between pages online to help you come up with a well-thought out bet.

That said, only esports bettors who are keen in spotting notable instances in a match succeed in a live betting match. But all of them started out as standard bettors too, who only  got the hang of betting on esports games with the proper mindset. Learning how to do it shouldn’t be a problem to you. While having a defined strategy won’t work when you’re live betting, there are still ways to ace the game by sticking to the right practices:

  • Focus on a single game first. Trying out live betting in one game first rather than stressing yourself out and doing it in multiple games. As you know, live betting requires you to be knowledgeable about the game you are betting on, so you should be well-equipped in that area. Say, you’re live betting on MOBA games like DOTA 2 or League of Legends, it’s important that you pay attention to hero selection and compositions, and analyze why teams are choosing to go that direction. This’ll help you get a picture of the possible outcome.

  • Limit your bets. Live betting gives bettors higher tendency of betting excessively, so be sure that you regulate your bets by having single-bet limits, single-match limits, as well as a contingency plan when things go bad.

  • Don’t misclick. Here’s a reminder: it happens. So be extra careful in making selections because it’ll be hard to take it back.

  • You can still do research. Just because you can only think about your bet in the moment, doesn’t mean you’ll forego doing your homework. Reviewing the teams’ past performances and records and reading esports betting guides prior to the games is still a great help even when you’re live betting.

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