Pre Flop Errors That Break A Poker Game

by Richard Robinson SEO Specialist

Poker is rather a simple game with rules that most players already know before choosing to play a wagered game online. It’s a classic that almost everybody knows and loves, and when betting is involved, strategy comes in.

There’s a lot of important things to consider when you want to win, and doing well in the pre flop is just one of them. Pre flop is one of the critical stages you’ll arrive in, and it’s the stage where most mistakes in poker are committed either by new or seasoned players. This guide to playing poker shares some of the common errors you’ll have to avoid when you play.

  • Improv-ing.

By this word we mean having no plan when you play, and in this case it’s failing to map out what to do during pre-flop. Being able to come out strong in the pre flop means working out your strategy for this stage ahead of time. You can start by establishing a few guide questions like a) which hands will you choose to raise or limp? b) which hands will you use when an opponent you are facing decides to raise? c) which hands will you open raise? ..and a lot more. While quick thinking is a must, you should still not resort to going with your gut. Stop improvising. Start planning.

  • Holding back when playing against raises.

Many players tend to play passively when they are faced with opens - calling for no good reason or staying clear of 3-betting. These are the mistakes you should avoid especially when you’re in low-stakes poker games online. Don’t settle with choosing to flat opens more so when you have strong hands; this is the perfect time for 3-betting. A lot of players think avoiding 3-betting is a tactical move to trick opponents, or just that they’re playing it safe by thinking about what’s at stake, but isn’t taking calculated risks more rewarding?

  • Not knowing the right way to raise, especially when you’re on the button.

The button is arguably the most notable position when you play poker online or just poker in general, because you get to act last. Getting this position will allow you to get all the information you need before making a move, and in the pre flop this is a chance for you to discern whether or not you’re a about to raise too many or not enough hands. As a general rule, it’s highly effective to raise about 40-70% of hands from the button, which is still of course dependent on the tendencies of players in the blinds.

  • Changing it up for sake of, well, changing it up.

Mixing up your play in the pre flop just because your instinct tells you you should shake things up is probably a bad idea. Many bettors who play poker online are guilty of doing this often only to suffer from its latent consequences. While executing a varied game is important in not letting your opponents figure out your style, make sure you’re tweaking your game for a reason.

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