Quality Clinical Lab Equipment for Rapid and Accurate Testing and Diagnosis

by Jeremy Linder Lab Equipment Supplier
Quality clinical laboratory equipment can ensure precise and rapid diagnostic tests for accurate diagnosis of various medical conditions. 

Modern clinical laboratories and research facilities use various types of laboratory equipment to carry out diagnostic testing. Each piece of medical lab equipment has specific functions. Using on high quality clinical laboratory equipment is critical for rapid and accurate diagnostic testing. Here is an overview of commonly used laboratory instruments, including top models in each category: 

* Analyzers - Laboratory analyzers are used for analyzing the concentration of proteins, creatinine, glucose, metabolites, glucose, electrolytes, albumin and bilirubin in body fluids such as serum, plasma and cerebrospinal fluid. There are different types of analyzers such as Hematology Analyzers, Point of Care Analyzers, Immunoassay Analyzers, Blood Gas Analyzers, Electrolyte Analyzers, Urinalysis analyzers and Chemistry Analyzers. Some of the popular models of analyzers include - Bayer 865, Medica EasyBloodGas, Beckman Coulter ACL Top 700, Olympus AU400, Alfa Wassermann ACE, Medica EasyLyte Na/K AVL, Siemens Clinitek Advantus, Diazyme Smart 700/340 and Beckman Coulter Access II.  

* Centrifuges – A laboratory centrifuge separates fluids, gas and other liquids based on their density. The device works by spinning the blood sample at a very high speed and allows centripetal force to separate the heavier particles to the outer section of the centrifuge. It is used for the separation of lipoprotein fractions for HDL, LDL and VLDL determinations, steroid hormone receptor assays and lipemic clarifications. Top models of centrifuges in wide demand include Benchmark Scientific MyFuge™ Mini, Drucker Diagnostics Model 755VES, Beckman Coulter Airfuge and Becton Dickinson Clay Adams Readacrit.  

* Microscopes – Microscopes are used to observe plant cells, animal cells and microorganisms. Top models available include –LW Scientific i-101 Inverted Infinity Trinoc, Unico Model M-220 LED and LW Scientific i-4 Infinity PLAN Binocular 4 Obj, LED.

* Autoclaves – Autoclaves sterilize equipment and supplies by subjecting them to a high-pressure saturated steam of 121 degrees C (for around 15–20 minutes) depending on the size of the load and the contents. These devices are commonly used in areas such as veterinary science, dentistry and pharmaceutical research. Top models of autoclaves include Benchmark Scientific BioClave Mini and Benchmark BioClave 16 Benchtop Research Autoclave, 230V. 

* Spectrophotometers – This lab device used to measure the intensity and wavelength of light.  

* Incubators – Primarily classified as analog dry bath incubator and digital dry bath incubators, these devices are used to heat samples for coagulation studies, restriction digests, COD denaturing DNA, Hot Start PCR, BUN, melting sugar and in situ hybridization. Some of the top models include Boekel Scientific Analog Dry Bath, 4-Block, 115V, Benchmark Scientific MyTemp™ Mini Digital Incubator, with Heating and Cooling, 115V and Benchmark Scientific Orbi-Shaker™XL Orbital Shaker with Flat Mat Platform (230V). 

* Histology and cytology laboratory equipment – Histology and cytology laboratory equipment are tools that help to prepare and examine tissues. Top models include Siemens Bayer Miles Hema Tek 2000 Histology Equipment/Slide Stainer, Boekel Scientific Slide Storage Cabinet, IEC Minotome and Boekel Scientific Round Tissue Bath, 115V.

* Refrigerators and freezers – These are used to preserve research samples and stock medicines or other drugs. Modern refrigerators and freezers are integrated with advanced features such as adjustable thermostat, automatic defrost, reversible doors and automatic fan forced frost-free cooling system to ensure safe storage. 

* Microplate readers and washers - Microplate readers scan, analyze and obtain numerical results from chemical reactions conducted in micro plates. Microplate washers on the other hand are used to wash immunoassays in microwell strips and plates with professional accuracy. Some of the top models include Awareness Technology STAT FAX 2100 Microplate Reader, Awareness Technology STAT FAX 2600 Microplate Washer and Awareness Technology STAT FAX 2200 Incubator/Shaker. 

Ensure Purchase from a Reliable Lab Equipment Supplier 

Purchase of clinical lab equipment from an established and reputable laboratory equipment supplier would ensure competitive pricing and also superior post-sales support for training and maintenance.

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