Professional Teeth Whitening Vs. Take-Home Kits: Which Is A Better Method Of Teeth Whitening?

by Arlene Caringal Dentist

Teeth whitening can be an excellent tool to improve the condition of one’s teeth. It offers a new look to the person undergoing the treatment and can remove all stains and extrinsic marks on our teeth. Teeth whitening has become extremely popular in recent times and a majority of people are undergoing this treatment in order to have a confident smile with pearly whites.

The procedure for teeth whitening involves removal of the organic materials in the enamel by dissolving in a derivative of peroxide. The treatment is only effective for people who have a good amount of enamel. However, the effects of the teeth whitening treatment are not permanent, and the effects last for a month or two, after which it must be redone for the similar effects.

There are mainly two types of teeth whitening treatments: professional treatment and take-home kits for teeth whitening.

Professional Teeth Whitening:

This type of treatment is performed at a dentist’s clinic and it is the most effective form of teeth whitening treatment. The procedure starts with the dentist checking your suitability for the treatment and then suggesting the type of treatment that would work the best for you. Most generally, before beginning with the teeth whitening process, dentists undertake fixing of any dental illnesses that you might have. For example, your dentist might fill in the cavities, undertake cleaning and scaling of the teeth and make sure that you do not have any gum problems.

After this is done, the teeth whitening procedure is undertaken and it is completed in a single sitting. The procedure is not painful in the least, so patients can undertake the procedure without fear. However, there are certain food items that must be avoided immediately after the treatment is undertaken.

Take-home Teeth Whitening Kits:

There are certain teeth whitening kits that work extremely well for individuals who are interested in getting this procedure done. There are mouthpieces with a certain gel that need to be fitted over the teeth surface. This should be inserted for a certain amount of time, after which the results of the treatment can be seen.

The take-home kits are quite reliable and these kits are suitable for people who would like to get a teeth whitening treatment, but are not willing to see the dentist for the treatment. Since there are no special instructions for the procedure, one does not need to worry in the least about any complications occurring from the procedure.

Given that teeth whitening can make one appear more confident and bold, it is a treatment that is gaining steady popularity with the masses. Both of the types of treatment have certain plus-points and individuals are free to choose any one of the treatment options that suits their needs. While many people prefer to utilize the take-home kits, certain kits are a little on the expensive side and hence, the professional method of teeth whitening is the most trusted method of teeth whitening treatment.

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