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by Nancy N. DIY diagnostic and car repair tools
If you're a technician or a DIY type person who wants to fix cell phones, you need to know the entire set of toolkit required to fix a cell phone and tablet computer. If you don't have the appropriate toolset, you won't be able to open it or fix your phone. It's also important to buy good quality tools. Therefore, nandrepair will provide all the tools and equipment list required for cell phone repair. You can also use all of these tools to fix tablets.

This is the list of tools and equipment required for cell phone repair is as following:

A. Opening tool

- Screwdriver: It's the most essential tool to disassemble a cell phone. There are many kinds of screwdrivers. The most commonly used is a Phillips screwdriver, whose head is a plus (+) shape. The pentalobe screw drive also needs to be removed by iPhone. Another application is the most common star shaped head called plum blossom.  In the plum blossom type, T6 is the most common size used. These screwdrivers vary in size, depending on the size of their heads. You'd better buy the whole set, it will include all types of phone fix screwdrivers that will be available for different application.

- Opener: The opener is used to open the cell phone case or screen. There all kinds of shapes, and you can use the recommended ones or the most convenient ones.

- Tweezers: Tweezers will be required if you need to clamp or lift electronic components.

B. Testing Tools

- Multimeter: Used for various parts of the inspection and test. It's for checking batteries, speakers, microphones, speakers, and so on. It's also used to check PCB broken tracks. There are 2 types of multimeter. Digital multimeter and analog multimeter. Due to the accuracy and ease of use, it is best to use digital multimeter.

- LCD tools: in smart phones, we all know, sometimes just LCD cracks or sometimes just touch (glass) cracks. Because LCD and glass are fused, and if you want to change, you have to buy the whole set. Many people save money by breaking the glass. So you need to separate the glass from the LCD and take it out carefully. Therefore, the glass separator came into being.
C. Cleaning Tools
- IPA: the recommended mobile phone printed circuit board (PCB) cleaning solution is isopropyl alcohol (ISO propanol) or circuit cleaner. You can also use alcohol or thinner. The main job of these liquids is to clean the printed circuit board and then vaporize it immediately.

- Brush: used to remove dust or dust from the inside of the phone or PCB.

- Ultrasonic cleaning machine: Used for deep cleaning of cell phone PCB. If the PCB is short circuited, it is also can be used.

D. Soldering and Desoldering

- Rework station: rework station is used to heat and replace IC chips on the motherboard. It is also used to remove or install welding components on the PCB.

- Solder wire: solder wire used for welding components. In most tin wires, the ratio of Sn / Pb is 60:40. As lead is harmful to health, you can also use lead-free solder wire.

- Jumper: it is a copper wire used for motor winding. It is used to make jumpers from one point to another, if one track is open (broken).

- Solder Iron: iron used for welding parts on PCB. It is also used to make jumpers, that is, bridging the broken tracks.

- Flux: used in heating and removing integrated circuits. It is suitable for IC edge heating and eliminating them.

E. Other Tools

- Pliers: you need to use pliers to cut the wire, or gently smooth any parts removed.

- Lamps: illuminate the service with lights so that you can see clearly. If you don't need it, it's not necessary.

- Magnifier: it's necessary to see all the widgets and clearly see the PCB.

- PCB holder: also called PCB rack. When you solder on the PCB, you need a PCB bracket so that the PCB doesn't move.

- DC power supply: DC power is also known as battery charger, battery booster and battery eliminator by maintenance technicians. Its work is to convert AC current into DC current. It is used for fast charging batteries.

In addition, there is no need to buy all of these. Instead, you only need what you need, because only when you want to do advanced troubleshooting, they are all required, which are only recommend to senior technical personnel. For example, if you want to weld, you will need a welding station and all the other things that are related to the solder. Otherwise, you can continue to use the basic tools.

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