Process and Significance of Stool Analysis

by Kriben Govender Health Advisor
Defining stool analysis is easy. To be precise, stool analysis is the test or analysis that is carried out on patients who are suspected to be suffering from a bacterial or fungal infection or disease of the digestive tract. First, the sample of the stool is collected in a clean container and sent to a doctor who in term, sends to a laboratory for testing which afterwards is cultured and the microbial composition is tested under a microscope which enables the scientists to evaluate if the microbes present in the feces could cause diseases. Next, the report is sent to the  doctor who now can begin his treatment plan.


After we get to know what Stool Analysis,  it is time to know its purpose. Basically, the fecal culture is performed in order to find out harmful microbes causing gastrointestinal infection, mostly common in diarrhea. Identification of the microbe provides vital information  to treat the patient’s infection causer.  For people with AIDS, bloody stool, diarrhea (lasting more than three days), people having traveled abroad recently or has severe dehydration are basically the ones who are asked to take a stool analysis.

Prior to The Test

•    The doctor provides you a container where you need to collect the stool or feces sample. You must remember to send it for testing as soon as possible. In case you can’t deliver the sample quickly, then store it in a cold place and deliver it as soon as  possible.

•    In case you cannot produce a sample, due to constipation, eat green salad or some high-fiber foods may help to keep your digestive tract moving.

After The Fecal Culture Is Performed

The results procured are used to determine the bacterial composition in the microbiota in your digestive tract. If certain bacteria are found which is seemingly causing an infection or a disease, the doctor can start off with his treatment plan. But if the report states that the cause of your health issue is not the bacterium, then you will need to undergo further test.

What Do You Gain From the test Or Take Home?

The Stool Analysis makes available a means which is free-of-risk to learn about the bacteria in the digestive tract. In case you have been suffering from long lasting or persistent digestive issues and/or problems like diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, you need doctoral advice! Don’t ignore it lest it causes you to fall in worse sicknesses. The doctor might ask you to get your stool tested in order to diagnose the problem(s). After all Stool analysis is an important way of knowing the microbial composition in your gut.

Taking Precautions

The Stool Test or analysis is performed only if you are suffering from a digestive tract problem. The test has no harmful effects.

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