Brief Overview of Benefits of Microbiome Stool Analysis in Australia

by Kriben Govender Health Advisor
Microbiome analysis determines the variety and number of microbes living within the gut of the patient by carrying out a comprehensive analysis of their stool.  Through the analysis, the link between the nutritional status, immune function and some diseases can be stated by the doctors.

The latest state-of-the-art DNA sequencing technology is used from only a small sample of the stool by the laboratories in order to precisely determine the individual microbiome of an individual that will be unique. Microbiome Stool Tests for Sports Person in Australia can be used to determine what factors are affecting their overall performance.

A comprehensive report is delivered after the analysis of the stool is completed by the laboratory. The report contains useful information that can be used by doctors for diagnosis of the particular medical condition of the patient.   In addition to this, the report also contains information on how to improve the gut microbe diversity for better health and longevity.

How is the microbiome analysis carried out?

First of all, you have to book an appointment for analysis by a reputed laboratory in Australia. Your request should be prescribed by your doctor.  Laboratories require your stool sample for the purpose of testing your microbiome.

Stool samples are used for analysis of microorganism in your gut because it (stool) shows a similar diversity of microorganism to your gut.  It is important to store to the stool sample in precise temperature and conditions. If it, the bacteria in the sample will start to die which will certainly affect the result of your stool analysis.

Simple sampling kit

So, a simple sampling kit is sent to the patient through the post at his/her residential address once he requests the microbiome test. The sampling kit consists of easy to use instruction for proper collection of your stool sample. For an effective collection of the sample, the kit contains plastic gloves, ice pack, and sample tube with a scoop.

How to collect a sample?

A small portion of your latest stool is placed into the container using the scoop of the sampling kit. It is important to make sure the size of the stool is not more than a teaspoon. The sample is then posted to the laboratory in a prepaid envelope via a courier. It is essential to send back the stool samples to the laboratory on the same day as collected for better results.

The collected sample is sent to the laboratory for sequencing of the sample. After the analysis is completed, the report is sent to the patient. The information in the report is used to diagnosis the disease by doctors.  The analysis is private and the information of any patient is not shared to anyone by the laboratory. The cost of the stool analysis varies from laboratories to laboratories. 

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