Pre-Pregnancy Counseling: A Stepping Stone to Parenthood

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Do you have a baby bump? Yes! Then, before you jump in the air with joy, you should take a look at pregnancy counseling, because expecting a baby requires a lot of acceptance and awareness, and that makes it a stepping stone to parenthood, a path of responsibility and mindfulness.

Pre-pregnancy counseling is a motto that pre-empts the certain risk factors pertaining a women’s, the fetus and neonatal health from entering an unfavorable phase. The one-to-one interaction with the professional can be a great aide in optimizing the health care of mother and child, which also extends to the family ties, as their care is invested from the first days.

Education about the pregnancy journey in pre-pregnancy course is open to all genders, sexualities and parents, as they offer a holistic approach to better parenting. Regardless of whether you are planning a pregnancy or using contraception, the pre-pregnancy counseling is applicable to both parties.

Pre-Pregnancy Counseling | Dr. Shubhra Goyal

As the saying goes, health status can't be the same forever, over growing time potential risks can occur anytime. Thus, pre-pregnancy counseling does not last for a day, but it occurs several times for ensuring a healthy and happy baby journey!

Day in and out whenever an expectant mother gets counselled, fresh knowledge is added to her advantage for handling the situation. There is a certainty of several chronic conditions viz; diabetes, hypertension, thyroid and mental health require monitoring during pre-pregnancy for a desirable outcome.

In the pre-pregnancy counseling sessions, a crucial assessment for examining STDs is a must with a vivid screening for any probable genetic conditions that might pass down to the life growing inside.

The other important matter of concern here is to debrief on possible strong addictions namely, liquor, nicotine consumption, drugs or any other medicines taken for some underlining or nonmedical reasons.

There is also a significant survey conducted on partner violence during intimacy during prepregnancy counseling as it has entirely a direct impact on the mother and child both.

Pre-pregnancy counseling | Dr. Shubhra Goyal

The expert guidance - Suggestions from the desk of the American College of Obstetrician and Gynecologists

  • The ACOG institute emphasizes the opportunity to stroke the iron hard and discuss overall wellness, and healthy habits as a routine irrespective of the patient for a successful outcome.
  • “Would you like to become pregnant next year?” Serves the purpose, of the right to speak out one's heart for suitable guidance without coyness.
  • The goal of prepregnancy counseling is to ensure a pregnancy that is away from the instructions and if any challenges occur one has the tact to handle it with expert guidance.
  • An annual influenza inoculation is mandatory for every patient unbiased as it is for additional benefit.
  • Prepregnancy is not limited to basic health checkups and discussions a patient's lifestyle and underlining conditions are crucial to tap on! If discovered to be a specific virus prone or any infection or allergies due to climate/ certain food types must be cautioned beforehand as travelling is a massive no.
  • Appropriate nourishment and vitamins are so significant for a healthy pregnancy tenure. Always fall back on your medical adviser for the proportion of food intake that suits your body the best during the prepregnancy period.

The expert guidance - Dr. Shubhra Goyal

Taking timely action- Professional counseling is when an action is executed under the correct time frame.

A stitch in the nine saves time

Managing and minimizing any dreary occurrences is the true reason pregnant women are in need of prepregnancy counseling for improving the maternal and fetal pregnancy experience.

The couples who prefer prepregnancy counseling pour down the entire medical history about themselves and the family so that the doctor has the needful guidance to offer them a tailored lifestyle, and physical and mental health chart. However, if you are choosing to conceive then pre-conception counseling is the start for you, enquire for the same 3 months prior.

Why an action in the tick of the time?

Whether you are a medical professional or an individual who is seeking medical help, our lives are stressful and loaded with work. Not every other couple planning to commence a family will opt for prepregnancy counseling but of them if god's forbidden is from having a medical condition that can have a strict impact on the child in expectation then prepregnancy counseling is the only rescue for a successful delivery.

Why an action in the tick of the time - Dr. Shubhra Goyal

  • Doctors and patients can interact and figure out the best time to plan a family
  • During prepregnancy women are exposed to the genetic history and that screening can be taken for a fair advantage via prepregnancy counseling
  • Prepregnancy counseling lets one know whether an STD test is necessary or not
  • In case, if any medical history of significant cause is discovered during the prepregnancy counseling the group of professionals support you with advanced techniques to resolve it for a happy baby delivery.

Why an action in the tick of the time - Dr. Shubhra Goyal

Eating habits are equally vital-your food makes your mood, and it all begins with where you dig your spoon.

Our day might begin with a long yawn! But the food on the plate decides what we are becoming and during prepregnancy counseling a discussion on the choice of the diet must not go unnoticed.

A blissful parenthood is when a mother gets her baby bump irrespective of 1st or 3rd food is the only way one celebrates a welcome moment! However, gobbling at frolicking parties is different, but when you are pregnant, it is your core duty to think before it slides down your throat.

Eating habits - Dr. Shubhra Goyal

When parenthood is emphasized here, our parents will keep nagging us to eat or not as what they find is healthy for the mummy and the baby in the tummy, since eating healthy determines the child's development inside the womb.

  • Averting your eyes away from caffeine and alcohol is the start
  • Raw meat and eggs are a big no-no
  • Staying hydrated - with 8-12 cups of water a day is beneficial in avoiding urinary tract infection and constipation during pregnancy
  • Exercise is sanctioned only if there are no highlighting medical conditions
  • Walking, and modified yoga is suggested as these boost the energy levels in expecting mothers for delivering good news!

All in all, a prepregnancy counseling session prepares you to pass through the journey staying physically, mentally and emotionally composed which plays a big role in your pregnancy journey as a parent.

Are you planning for a baby? Then talk to your pregnancy expert today for expectant good news!


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