PPC: The Kick That Your Business Needs When SEO Fails It

by Shehryar Aziz Digital Marketing & SEO Specialist
PPC over SEO

What’s a kick? 

A sudden jolt of power, ecstasy, and push that propels you to the skies. And why do I think PPC is the kick that your business needs? 


Before I line up the benefits of using Pay Per Click ads, here’s a little story to let you know why PPC is so crucial and why you badly need a really good PPC management team to keep your business on right track. 


In the August of 2017, I was working as an in-house writer for a packaging company and it was there that I learned that just like Finance, Insurance and Law, Packaging is also a big internet business and to rank for a keyword like “custom boxes” takes more than sweat and blood. 

The SEO team worked for a year+ and they failed to bring reasonable traffic to the website of that company and finally, the team was laid off – so was yours truly. 


Why did I tell you this story? It is because when SEO failed for that company, PPC campaign brought plenty of sales to them. 

Apart from people who found their website and decided to give them a go (very few customers were attracted this way), it was their PPC ad campaign that brought new customers to them – that too on a weekly basis. 


Now that you know why PPC is better than SEO, let us have a look at the key benefits of PPC advertising. 

1. Guided Missile vs. Arrow in the Dark

So what is a guided missile? It is PPC. Why do I think it is guided? It is because just like Facebook ad targeting, in PPC you target a predefined demographic with help of filters and keywords etc. 

On the other hand, SEO is an arrow shot in the dark. There is no guide on SEO by Google and all the time an SEO expert just keeps shooting arrows in dark to bring more and more traffic to the target website. 

PPC tools like AdWords are made by Google and other Search Engines and if you use them with a little skill, the target audience will find your ads on top of search results or on the web pages that they often visit. It is a guided technique of web traffic acquisition. 

2. Measurable and Trackable Tool

Not only the targeting makes PPC super awesome, but you also get to measure and track the success or failure of a PPC marketing campaign with 100% success. Unlike SEO, you can 100% scale the success or failure. 

3. Wild Card Entry

You know what is a wild card … it is nothing, but an unfair advantage over the players who are in the game for many years. 

PPC is the wild card entry in the web game. Screw SEO … run your PPC campaign wisely and you will be getting just as many clients as a 10 years old business in the same niche could get. 

You can enter the game and beat them at any time … all depending on how well you play the card. 

4. Makes the Perfect Combo

Use PPC with a robust social media marketing campaign or a statistics-driven SEO campaign, you will have an unfair advantage on your competitors who trust solely on SEO or social media campaign. 

Get this: 

PPC is nothing short of a sure shot first seat on Google SERPs. Yes, people will read “Ad”, but if not all, many of them would still click the result to see what gives. 

5. For Data Lovers

Do you love to create data, then scale it and analyze it, and then retrieve some really fruitful findings out of it, and then use those findings to channelize your efforts and marketing campaigns? 

If it is so, you would love to use a marketing program just as awesome as Google AdWords. When your campaign will end, you will have lots of data to analyze and this will help you better understand your target demographic. 


Peeps, if you are tired of shooting arrows in the dark and if you need a rocket that will propel you into space up and above everyone, and if you're ready to invest in digital marketingthen PPC is the name of the game.

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