Power of Black Pepper in Fighting Health Problems

by Alex Warner Senior Marketing Manager at Indian Grocery

This article reveals multiple health benefits that you can get out of the King of Spices – Black Pepper. Read to know all its medicinal properties. 

Amongst all the key spices that occupy your kitchen rack, Black pepper is the one to hold the most honorable position. Why? This spice has earned the status of “Black Gold” and “King of Spices” for a hell of a lot of reasons. It not only brings out that perfect taste and essence in a dish, but also imparts incredible benefits to your health. In better words, for its culinary selection, aromatic appeal and medicinal advantages, it has become a mandatory spice in every kitchen cabinet. 


Let us find out the reasons that gave this black-colored spice a royal recognition.


To Quit Smoking 

Black pepper oil is recommended for those who are chain smokers. By smelling black pepper oil, the intensity to smoke reduces. Studies show that black pepper has an amazing property to lessen cravings for nicotine and hence most doctors, these days, advise chain-smokers to smell this oil to get rid of smoking. Some people have also been reported to quit smoking all at once.  



Again, the oil made by using this “Spice King” can prevent the occurrence of Type-2 diabetes through its medicinal properties. Inhibition of two types of enzymes in the oil aids in the breakdown of starch, which further helps in the regulation of glucose level in the blood. Patients with anxiety issues and hypertension have also been immensely benefitted by this spice oil. 



Black Pepper is an antioxidant-rich spice that helps the body to give a tough fight to harmful free radicals. These radicals and molecules, if not counter-attacked by the antioxidants, have the capability to damage cells and cause deadly diseases like cancer. 


To treat common cold

Drinking tea frequently with 2-3 pepper seeds and a slice of ginger is very effective in treating flu. If you are feeling feverish, experiencing cough and blocked nose, then try this simple tea recipe. Within 3-4 days, you will get better even without taking antibiotics.  


Treating Toothache 

Black pepper is recommended by dentists for treating toothaches.  You can get relief from the sensitive or painful tooth by applying a paste of pepper and salt and then letting it sit for one hour. Repeating this process for four to five times a day will surely subside the pain in your tooth.


Sore throat and heavy cough

Gurgling with warm water and lemon juice with a pinch of salt and pepper is an easy home-made treatment for sore throat.  You can also add up 2 spoons of honey to these ingredients and drink it slowly to get relief from heavy and incessant coughing.


Improves skin

Pepper is a very common spice in almost every type of cuisine because of its incomparable essence and amazing health benefits. But very few know that pepper is also used for making ointments to cure skin allergies and get rid of rashes. 


And the list of health advantages is endless! Other than the benefits mentioned-above, pepper is also effectual in fighting baldness, curing indigestion, losing weight, relieving nausea and so on. So, don’t ignore the “King of Spices” and start using it to make delectable platters at home while reaping all the health benefits simultaneously. 

Alex Forsyth is a Marketing executive at Indian Grocery, an ideal online hub to get hold of all the grocery, gourmet and spices with Indian origin. He takes a special interest in Organic Indian Spices and frequently writes articles on this subject.

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