Possible Reasons Behind Your site’s High Bounce Rate

by Ruchhir Agarwal CEO at E2logy
A low bounce rate means happy visitors. Happy visitors mean increased pages per visit and more conversions. Do you know that your site’s bounce rate cannot rise without your consent?

A brief for those of you who have little idea of what a bounce rate is:

Bounce rate represents the percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave rather than going on to the other web pages within the website. It measures how effective a website has been in generating the interest of visitors and encouraging them to continue deeper into the website.

Some Possible Reasons For Your Website’s High Bounce Rate (And What To Do To Lower It):

  • Images not loading or loading too slowly- Do you remember that website which had so many images but none of them loaded or were loading super slowly? No? Obviously, you wouldn’t. Since we leave such websites after getting our patience tested badly. To ensure that your site images load fast, your images must be compressed and scaled appropriately, must not have complex file formats, and should have browser caching information, among other things.

  • Your website’s load time is slow- A slow loading website or a web page irritates visitors by testing their patience too much. To improve this, your website development agency will optimize all your site images, reduce the number of plugins by deactivating the unnecessary ones, keep redirects to a minimum, minify coding and use clean codes, enable compression of pages, execute Content Delivery Network (CDN), etc.

  • There are broken links in your website- Too many broken links within your website can also be responsible for a high bounce rate. It is important to check all the links within the website regularly and quickly fixing any broken ones that are found.

  • Poor targeting- If you are attracting the wrong audience rather than your intended one, then it means that your targeting isn’t going well. And obviously, the wrong audience would quickly leave your site since it wouldn’t be relevant to them. To make sure your targeting is effective, you need to work on your site’s SEO and also invest time in digital marketing. Also, you should share your site’s content in places and platforms where your target audience spends most of their time.

  • Too many irrelevant and continuous pop-ups- Your site’s bounce rate is very obvious to rise if it has a frequent flow of too many pop-ups because they get very annoying. Pop-ups should be well designed, relevant, and well timed. Moreover, they must be used sparingly.

  • No CTA buttons or using too many of them or they are difficult to find- CTA buttons are a very important part of any web page since they drive the visitors to take an action. However, there must not be too many CTA buttons present in a single web page, they should be in an easy-to-find place, should be relevant and clear, and must be explicitly descriptive.

  • Poor content readability- However great is the content of your website, if it doesn’t allow your visitors to easily read it, it would be useless. Choose your font face, font style, font sizes, color combinations, background hero images, etc, very carefully. Make sure everything is easily readable and doesn’t stress the eyes of your visitors.

  • Poor usability- If your visitors do not find it easy while using and interacting with your website, there are high chances of them leaving your website. To ensure that your website remains usable and give your users a seamless experience while using it, you must provide good search options with enough filters to your visitors, allow easy scanning, simplify navigation, arrange all the content appropriately, ensure website responsiveness, etc.

  • Your site’s navigation is complex- This is the most basic, yet one of the most important aspects of any website. Keep the navigation of your website simple and intuitive.

  • Your website isn’t responsive- A responsive design has become a necessity in today’s “mobile first” generation. Your target audience wouldn’t just be limited to a computer screen but would be using various devices and browsers for browsing websites. This is why it is essential that your website has a responsive design.

  • Make sure to hire an experienced web development service for your website development by looking at their work portfolio, the kind of transparency they follow, their seriousness towards deadlines, and the kind of technical support that they offer, among other things.

When you end up hiring a competitive web development service, you ensure a low bounce rate for your website. The reason is that they take care of all of the above aspects and even more.

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