Positive Effects Of Neelam Stone

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The blue sapphire stone is also known as the ‘neelam’ stone and it is said to be a very expensive gemstone. According to Indian astrology, it is the hardest among all the gemstones available and this stone is ruled by the planet of Saturn.

The original neelam stone is said to be the most powerful stone and it is famous for its fast action. This stone shows some immediate effects as the person wears them. This stone holds a very strong power to change an individual’s life.

But one thing people should keep in mind; that blue sapphire gem stone should not be worn without proper recommendations from a renowned astrologer. If one wears this stone just like that, it can incur some negative effects on the wearer like health, accidents, problems and financial loss as well.

The price of a blue sapphire stone depends on its originality. One should check the lustre, colour and cutting of the stone to be sure about its originality. This neelam stone price can vary from Rs 2000 per carat to Rs 50,000 per carat depending on what quality stone it is. There are some blue sapphire stones which has a history behind their origin. Those are priceless and mostly kept for display in the museums. In India sometime blue sapphire stones are imported from Sri Lankan mines as there are some good quality stones available there.

Now, before wearing this stone one should be aware of its benefits. Here are some major ones.

·         This is one of the fastest acting stone and the effects of this stone on the wearer are almost instant. If this stone is suitable to the wearer, then it can bring a lot of good luck, wealth, fortune and positive opportunities to them which are very much welcome.

·         The blue sapphire stone also helps a lot in improving the concentration power of its wearer. That is why; this is very much suitable for those who are students and pursuing higher studies. Also, those who work in target oriented jobs, this stone can be very beneficial for them.

·         This stone also has some amazing health related benefits. This stone helps in solving the metabolism related problems and it helps in avoiding ailments like groin, stomach ache, digestion problems and other skin issues. Blue sapphire also helps in preventing and curing ailments and diseases related to the nervous system, bone cancer, kidney related issues, stroke, paralysis and other things.

·         It is a highly protective stone. This stone helps the wearer and protect them from evil eyes like hexing and jealousy. It also saves one from hidden enemies and conspiracies.

·         Wearing the neelam stone provides protection from robbery, accidents, theft and problems caused due to the natural disasters like fire, flood, storms etc. Blue sapphire stone protects like a shield or a Body-guard.

·         If someone belongs to a creative field like singing, painting, dancing, writing and other things then they can get a great benefit by wearing this stone.

Original neelam stone price depends on the quality of the stone.

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