Pool Painting Or Pool Resurfacing – What To Choose?

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Maintaining a pool is not a tough thing at all and with some simple steps, you can keep it in great shape for a long time. The simplest thing you can do in terms of swimming pool maintenance is use pool paint Perth to get it painted. 

But some people are confused between getting the pool painted and getting pool resurfacing done. The reason is that they think that both of them are useful and both of them are equal. 

The fact is that "yes", they both are beneficial in terms of pool maintenance and they come with their share of advantages and disadvantages. 

This post here gives you some interesting facts to review regarding repainting and resurfacing your pool.



There is no doubt that plaster and pool paint both offers unmatched durability to the surface and can hold up against all the chemicals present in the pool water.

Apart from this, both these options can also withstand natural conditions and resist the onslaughts of harmful ultraviolet rays. 

When exposed to these conditions, pool plaster can last up to 2 decades, but the best pool paint Perth, i.e. epoxy will ask for repainting every 5 to 7 years. 

This signifies that out of these options, resurfacing is a better choice, but pool painting Perth is also ideal for those looking to renovate the pool inside their budget.


If you think that pool painting Perth or resurfacing your pool is a DIY task, then you are wrong. For both these projects, it is highly recommended to seek services from professionals and as far as preparation is concerned, for both these processes, you will have to drain your pool. 

Applying pool paint Perth is a less arduous process, but you have to ensure that children are not in the reach of the paint or chemicals used during the process. 

As mentioned above, the services of pool painting Perth professionals are required because if repainting is done incorrectly, it would become an expensive project to engage in.


The result of both these processes is a shining and new-looking pool, but in some years’ time, both start to lose their effects. In both of these processes, the pool paint lags behind because it wears faster and it also lacks durability that we see in resurfacing. 

One more fact to understand regarding pool paint is that you will have to maintain it properly otherwise, it will force your water to turn chalky and hazy. The paint materials will start breaking into the pool and leave a chalky residue on your skin as you get out of the pool.


As far as cost is concerned, there is no doubt that pool painting Perth is an economical option, but at the same time, we have to understand that the age of this option is very less as compared to the age of resurfacing. 

The age of pool paint Perth is somewhere around 7 years maximum and the same is 20 years maximum for resurfacing. 

For those looking to get their pool renovated inside their budget, pool paint is an ideal option and those having sufficient funds for the pool maintenance, can go for pool resurfacing.

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