Polypropylene and Polyester Film Capacitors – The Future of Electronics

by Crazzy Paul Digital Markting Professional
Film capacitors are electrical capacitors that contain an insulating plastic film which has dielectrical characteristics, and is sometimes combined with paper as the carrier of electrodes. There are many different kinds of film capacitors for different use such as Polypropylene and Polyester Film Capacitors. Film capacitors are used in variegated microelectronics and electronics applications including timings, peak voltage convertors, TV fly back tuning, motor run and snub bugging.

Commonly Used Dielectric Polymers for Film Capacitors:
  • Polypropylene(PP) film capacitors
  • These are trade named as treofan and are the most commonly used dielectric polymers for film capacitors.
  • Polyester film capacitor
  • Although not widely used these days, these are often called the Mylar capacitor that can provide an ideal solution to many capacitor requirements.

General features of Polyester Film Capacitors:

A capacitor unlike a battery can take only a fraction of a second to discharge completely. A battery may take hours or minutes to do so. Due to the general features of capacitors, the Polyester Film Capacitors are often used in the electronic flash on cameras. Capacitors have improved the utilities of electronic devices tremendously and have helped in the advancement of technology greatly. However, when using electronic devices having capacitors that can store a huge charge, one should always be careful.

There are number of different capacitor families available, each of them has distinguished characteristic features. Some are good for storing large amount of charge yet might have high leakage of current and bad tolerances. Other capacitors have great tolerances and low leakage of currents but may not have the ability to store large amount of charge.

Capacitor technologies:

Metalized film capacitors are made with dielectric films with a metallic coating on the surface. With this technology the electric field stress becomes much bigger than with film capacitors due to metallic self-healing capability.

Modern day dielectric capacitors:

Historically the first film capacitors were paper foil configuration. However they had certain drawbacks like they were bulky and unreliable. But since 2012, metalized paper surface was used for MP capacitors with self-healing properties used for EMI crackdown.

Mixed Dielectric Film Capacitor:

These exhibit constant capacitance value with respect to change in temperature. Its modern day application ranges from Railway signalling, automotive electronics, tuning circuits and timers. The film capacitors which are used, must be in compliance with RoHS requirements.

In today’s world mixed dielectric film capacitors comprise of metal film resistors, carbon film resistor, Metal oxide resistors, Wire wound resistors, High voltage resistors and so on.

As nowadays most manufacturers offer their own mixed film capacitors, it is quite hard to give a general synopsis of properties of mixed film capacitors.

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