Why Polyester Film Capacitors Are The New Best Industrial Capacitors

by Crazzy Paul Digital Markting Professional

As a student of Power or Electrical Engineering, no one should understand it better than you how capacitors can help with high-frequency and high-power applications. A capacitor is generally made up of two metallic plates used in storing energy by holding apart pairs of opposite charges.

The Polyester Film Capacitors are the ones that are mostly used in areas of induction heating, electrical distribution, pulsed power energy discharge applications, and more.

If you are still struggling, this article can help you summarize your vision about the best of film capacitors.

Why need Capacitors:

It’s actually the simple design of a film capacitor that makes it a potential energy storehouse in any industry. For ex., a Polypropylene (PP) Film Capacitors consists of two metal plates, with a gap between them, which can store energy through their mutual attraction when they are re-united.

Why film Capacitors:

Today’s market is full of energy saving potential with an array of capacitors and the film capacitors are the ones that are rocketing up the list. This is mainly because of their superior characteristics and layouts. These types of capacitors are not polarized, which make them all the more suitable for AC signal and power use. 

What’s more? With low ESR, ESL and a very low dissipation factors, they can also be made to withstand voltages in the kilovolt range and can provide very high surge current pulses.

Types of film Capacitors:

There are many types of film capacitors available everywhere, including metallised film, polypropylene film, polyester film, PTFE film and polystyrene film. Then there are others like the film dielectric capacitors, polymer film capacitors, film caps or power film capacitors, Mixed Dielectric Film Capacitor, and the list is endless.

Now, the million dollar question is how to choose your kind of capacitors? The answer is simple. Knowledge is power. Contact the film capacitors manufacturers and dealers and you will learn nook and cranny about each of these film capacitors.

Generally, all of these capacitors contain an insulating plastic film which is the dielectric and sometimes combined with paper as the carrier of electrodes. For ex., a special class of film capacitors is the power film capacitors that can withstand reactive power in excess of 200 volt-amperes.

Which Plastic Film Capacitor is the best?

After you have been able to choose your very unique plastic film capacitor, you must also pay attention to its protection, stability, low inductance and low cost factors. For example, the self-healing property of a Metalized Film capacitor makes it a level up among all the other capacitors of its kind.

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