Pokemon GO: Shiny Swinub Confirmed to be Included for February Community Day Event

by Shery Williams Travel &Tourism

For the upcoming February Community challenge, Niantic is ready to introduce a new Pokémon for the trainers to interact with.

Pokémon Go fans have been eager to know about the new Pokemon that could be included in the upcoming Community Day event.

According to the speculations and hints floating amongst the Reddit and community posts, it is believed that the upcoming Community event in February may include Shiny Swinub.

Pokemon GO: Shiny Swinub Confirmed to be Included for February Community Day Event

Swinub generally is not considered to be amongst the powerful Pokémon. Still, its sheer cuteness will make you want to include this lovable pocket monster to your Poked ex.

What is much more interesting is in order to obtain this cute Pokémon, players will only be provided with three hours time frame.

Similar to the previous Community day challenge event, trainers can grab on to as many Swinub as possible that too in a given time frame of three hours.

This could prove to be a golden opportunity for players to upgrade or catch a new Swinub for their teams to include an Ice and Ground-type Pokémon for their raiding party.

Although Swinub is not considered to be a fighter type Pokémon with a right amount of training, this Pokémon could be evolved into a Mamoswine.

Mamoswine can be considered a beast in the battlefield, providing trainers with a huge advantage over foes, as it has a colossal tusk to deal massive damage to the enemy Pokémon.

In addition, this Pokémon has a hidden ability that is Thick Fat, which provides an extra shield to this Pokémon and makes it capable of facing strong attacks.

In the upcoming Community Day event, Pokémon GO fans could also spot Shiny Swinub, which is currently the latest trend in the game.

Although catching a Shiny Swinub does not include any additional characteristics to the game or the Pokemon. Still, it provides trainers with unique and different cosmetics of the Pokémon which makes the game much more fun and exciting.

Trainers could also leave such Pokémon at the gym, to show off in front of other players. Certainly catching a shiny Pokémon is one of the most fun tasks to experiences different looks for such retro charters.

Swinub has been a part of various Pokémon generations, but it was first introduced with the gen 2 Pokémon. After that it was also included in multiple other generations, ranging from third to seventh.

Hopefully, this cute little Pokémon will be available for players to catch soon in February and its Shiny skin would interest the fans around the globe.

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