Pokemon GO: How to Complete Solo Crawdaunt Raids

by Shery Williams Travel &Tourism

Ni-antic has been introducing new research events and raid battles on regular bases, and this time it is much more fun.

With these new challenges, trainers get a tremendous opportunity to receive amazing rewards and various rare Pokemon’s.

As various events have been continuously introduced in the Pokemon GO since the New Year like the Pokemon GO Holiday event, Hatchathon Event and Heat-ran Raids a new event is added in a similar fashion.

This new Raid battle event provides trainers to interact with the Craw daunt, which is a generation three water and dark type Pokemon.  This Pokemon has a very hard shell which provides it with an immense defensive shield.

 Similar to past raid battles this time players have an opportunity to fight and catch the Crawdaunt in the raid battle. Although fighting level 4 and 5 raid battles are quite difficult, still fighting Crawdaunt in solo can provide a lot of experience for trainers.

But it becomes quite essential for trainers to determine the required Pokemon type to face this pocket monster as it could be challenging for players who use fire or psychic Pokemon.

And if the level of trainers Pokemon is below 25, it would be impossible to defeat this Pokemon. Crawdaunt is water and dark type Pokemon and to defeat it trainers require any of the electric or fighting type Pokemon to win the Raid battle.

 You can also use Fairy, Grass or Bug-type Pokemon to counter the Crawdaunt’s water and dark type moves. You can refer to the given below the list of different Pokemon and their move type to prepare for this Raid battle.

  1. You can use Raikou as it has thunder type moves, like Thunder Shock and Wild Charge.
  2. Breloom is a grass type with moves like Grass Knot and Dynamic Punch.
  3. Zapdos is another electric type Pokemon which has moves like Charge Beam, Thunderbolt and Thunder Shock.
  4. Roserade is a grass type Pokemon with Razor Leaf and Solar Beam to counter Crawdaunt.
  5. Machamp is a fighter type with moves like Low Kick, Counter and Dynamic Punch.

Prepare a solid game plan and select your team wisely, as to win such battles considering the opponents Pokemon type helps in determining the outcome of the battle.

So go for any of the above mentioned Pokemon types with appropriate move type, and you will efficiently complete this challenge event and have an excellent opportunity to defeat Craw daunt.

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