Pokemon Go: How to Find and Catch Groudon

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A Legendary Pokemon named Groudon has created a sensation in the gamers of Pokemon Go. Thus, now they all are willing to find and add this fantastic Pokemon to their lineup. In this article, we have provided information on Groudon alongside ways to find and catch him in Pokemon Go. Although it is not the first time that Groudon has entered into the Pokemon franchise video game, it has made its debut in the third generation, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Ever since then, gamers are mesmerized by its elegant color and potent abilities.

Additionally, Groudon is a ground-type Pokemon that controls the ocean in Pokemon Ruby. Now, after a decade, gamers have the chance to catch Groudon, and that is too in Pokemon Go. However, it is quite a complicated task, but with a proper workaround like the one we have provided below, we can find and catch Groudon with ease.

Where to Find and Catch Groudon

The gamers have to take part in the Raid Battle of Groudon, which has recently been unleashed in the game. Matching with the attribute of Groudon, the Raid has been classified as a 5-star. Thus, it is evident that this battle is going to be difficult and below we have written few measures that players can adopt before fighting with Groudon in his Raid Battle:

  • Players need to have Grass and water-type Pokemons in their team.
  • Gamers require to add on seven more trainers to their lineup.
  • Players need to add random trainers to their team.
  • Gamers can obtain Premier balls by playing with their friends from similar teams. At the same time, they can also attain a few balls by playing with non-friends from the same teams.
  • Players always need to remember while throwing the ball, try to make a curve, and this will enhance the catching rate of their team.
  • Gamers also need to know that using Razz Berries with a Golden color is necessary.

All the gamers who keep all these facts in their minds while taking on the Raid Battle of Groudon will surely get one. The newly arrived Raid Battles in Pokemon have a special feature that helps gamers to obtain a shiny version of the respective Pokemon. The feature only works when players accomplish the Raid Battle quite efficiently.

It was the year 2016 when Pokemon Go stepped into the gaming market, and it keeps on attaining new acclamation since then. Although the game has taken a few steps back during the initial days of the pandemic, the way Nintendo has managed it is spectacular. Now, the game is gaining back on track, and thus, recently, a new set of Raid Battles have been added up to it. These Raid Battles arrive every week now with new Legendary Pokemon linked to it. Groudon has arrived in the game through this week’s Raid Battle, and we advise players to take part in it so that they can catch the unique Groudon.


Nintendo has led Pokemon Go to another extent where gamers are now finding it a bit intricate. The continuation of various events throughout June, July, and now August persists in it, and slowly, the difficulty level of the game is increasing; almost every gamer has felt it. Besides, the game has summoned Groudon Raid battle this week, and players are super-excited to accomplish it. It is quite a bit hard to win this Raid Battle, especially for the rookie gamers. However, if they take the assistance of this article, they might be able to catch Groudon through this week’s Raid Battle with ease.

Players can play Pokemon Go on Android and iOS devices.

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