Play Solitaire^ for a Great Mental Workout

by Kristina Williams SEO

Here is a remedy for everyone who experiences boredom, has no idea what to do with their leisure time, or feels despondent after a long day at work. Solitaire^ is that three-syllable answer.

What exactly is Solitaire^?

People use a single deck of cards to play the card game known as Solitaire. The players in this game arrange each card in a specific order. Moreover, the player will win the game if such an arrangement is successful. To put it another way, the gamer has to play all four suits of cards. But from where does the word originate? Let's continue exploring the Solitaire seas.

Meaning of the word “Solitaire”

Over the years, the word "Solitaire" has undergone a number of changes. Early in the 18th century, we finally acquired the word "Solitaire," which originated from the Latin "Solitarius" and eventually became "solitary" in French and English. And the word "solitary" simply refers to being a lone individual. Due to the fact that Solitaire is primarily a solo game, this is how it gets its meaning. As several developments occurred, Solitaire was born.

What to do to win this Game?

Now that we've finished the history lesson, let's discuss how to win the game. The first objective of the game is to arrange the aces in the proper order on the four "Foundations" by moving them from the "Stock" or "Waste." Place the remaining thirteen cards, from Ace to King, in sequential order on their appropriate spots to finish the Foundations. The player should finish all four suits, to put it simply.

Some Vital Prerequisite Information

Although Solitaire's basic terms may initially make you dizzy, if you become familiar with them, they will be helpful to you for a very long time. Refer to the following image to get hold of terms like Tableau, Foundations, Stock, Column, etc. 

How to Play Solitaire^?

With the prerequisites in place, we will now learn more about the game's rules.

  1. Place the stock cards face-up on the waste pile.

  2. Next, the gamer may either play the tableau or the foundations using the top card from the trash pile.

  3. Atop any number of tableau heaps or the foundations, the player can also play the top card of each tableau pile.

  4. You can arrange these tableau cards alphabetically or by alternating the colors.

  5. You can also move a whole card sequence from one tableau column to another.

  6. When a face-down tableau card is shown, a new tableau card is made, which can only be filled with a King.

  7. When the supply runs out, you can recycle it from the waste pile.

  8. When all foundations are filled, the game will be won; however, if there are no more moves available, the game will be lost.

There is more than one way in which you can Draw your Card

In Solitaire^, there are two ways that players can draw cards: Draw 1 and Draw 3. It suggests that there are two methods for taking cards out of the stock. 

  1. One card can be drawn at a time by default, which is more useful.

  2. From the options menu, you can also change the game mode to the harder draw-3 mode.

The Scoring Pattern of Solitaire^

Gamers can enable Standard Scoring from the settings menu. The following are the normal grading standards:

  1. Waste to Tableau :           +5 Points

  2. Waste to Foundation :     +10 Points

  3. Tableau to Foundation :   +10 Points

  4. Turn over Tableau Card : +5 Points

  5. Foundation to Tableau   :  -15 Points

What is Different About Solitaire^?

This version of Solitaire^ has been designed and developed by the innovative and enthusiastic minds at Camel Motion Inc. The gameplay is made super simple where you can shift the cards with just a single click. Apart from that, you can choose from a variety of card covers and screen backgrounds to make your Solitaire^ much more interesting. 

From the azure after rainy sky to the darkest beauty of the night; or from the lush green of the Victorian meadows to the bright hues of an attractive beach, you can choose any you want. This version of Solitaire^ is just like the breath of fresh air amid all the cliched Solitaire games. 


All I want to say in the end is pick up your phone and play Solitaire^ whenever you feel a little lack or possibly any kind of despair. The game will be won by the player who strategically places the cards. What are you still holding out for? Download Solitaire^ to exercise your brain. Gain and learn maximum from Solitaire^ and reach the pinnacle of success. 

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