Physical Therapy That Can Lead to a Fulfilling Life for Your Child

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Physical therapy is typically part of a treatment plan after receiving a diagnosis from a physician or other medical professional for your injury, condition, disability, or illness. While some pain and limited range of motion can be chronic, requiring ongoing physical therapy, other treatments might only last from weeks to months. The overarching goal of pediatric physical therapy is to incorporate play elements while improving your child’s development and function. Learn more about how physical therapy for kids can improve the quality of life for your child and you.  

Physical Therapy Is Fun

Including play elements is an essential part of ensuring that children are achieving developmental milestones. Play is how many markers are measured up until a certain age. Both condition and age-based goals are dependent on how they interact with others and objects. Some of this interaction is done through communication, and other parts are exhibited through fine motor skill development. By incorporating games and employing the gamification of therapy, children are more likely to participate fully and benefit from each session.

Physical Therapy Can Help You

It’s no secret that being a parent is tough. Skilled care teams know that you want the best for your child and just how challenging and stressful it can be for caregivers when the future seems uncertain. A care team of doctors and therapists at professional physical therapy in Greeley, Colorado, will consult with you on support opportunities and the best way to help your child at each appointment, at school, on the playground or the sports field, and at home. 

Physical Therapy Builds Communication 

One of the most challenging parts of building a bond with children during physical therapy, especially young children, is helping them understand that physical therapy is meant to help them feel better, despite being uncomfortable at times. Open communication and trust-building exercises go a long way toward full and dedicated participation for your child. 

Physical Therapy Mimics Play 

Play-based therapy is child-centered. Experienced therapists will work to find the things your child loves to do, alongside age-appropriate learning games and toys, and use those as part of the therapy sessions. The best news about play-based therapy in physical therapy in Fort Collins, CO, is that sometimes children will continue to mimic the habits on their own at home. You can then work with your child to continue the play exercises outside of the therapy session. 

Physical Therapy Grows Confidence

Creating achievable goals to meet and celebrate challenges is critical. Even with limited mobility or challenges in daily tasks, small victories can make all the difference. Moving without pain and developing without major delay is a significant confidence boost. Building confidence now sets the stage for the rest of life, no matter the setbacks. 

Not every child is the same, and seeking out a pediatric physical therapist who celebrates differences as opportunities to boost confidence and independence will benefit your child’s development. Schedule an appointment to learn more about how physical therapy can help you and your child improve their quality of life and increase participation in daily activities.

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