PET Plastic: An Advancement for Bottle and Packaging Industry

by Ricky Martin Marketing Consultant
Polyethylene Terephthalate also is known as PET is one of the most used polymers throughout the world. It is obtained from ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid forms pellets which later can be easily molded into any shape. Transparent in nature and semi-crystalline this plastic is used in products of day to day usage.

PET polymers in the form of polyester are used in the textile industry as fiber for clothing because of its moisture resistive characteristics. Also, Total PET is used on a large scale in the bottling and packaging industry.

Characteristics of PET in Bottle Packaging industry:

PET produced plastic consists of synthetic fibers almost up to 60% synthetic fibers and the remaining 30% is to attain the global demand for bottle production.

  • Polymerized units of monomer ethylene terephthalate are the major source found in PET resins.
  • These materials when combined with glass, fiber or carbon nanotubes improves strength, thus making strong, light-weight and flexible plastic.
  • This material is easily recycled.
  • Used in the packaging of food and beverages because of its hygienic, strong, and lightweight characteristics.
  • Mainly used in the packaging of water and soft drinks.

It has been the world’s number one choice in the packaging sector, PET has prominently used in the packaging industry. Due to this, there has been a great demand for PET bottle manufacturers throughout the world.

Manufacturing of PET for the packaging Industry:

  1. Polymerization of ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid at low vacuum pressure and high temperatures leads to the formation of PET resin.
  2. These resins are heated into the molten liquid which later is molded into any shape.
  3. Benzene rings present in ethylene glycol provide extra stiffness and strength.

Demand for PET bottle suppliers is expected to grow in the coming years as it has been used as a replacement for glass and metal containers. One of the major reasons to use PET plastics is the disposable income and changing lifestyle. The following are a few properties why PET is good for the bottle and packaging industry.

  • High heat resistance thus can be used in high temperatures.
  • Good color stability and wear and tear resistance.
  • High strength and stability and low water absorption.
  • It has great resistive properties against chemicals.

PET plastics are engineered plastics that possess high strength and are used in applications like thermoplastics, packaging, and textile industry. It also does not react with water or food thus a suitable choice for food packaging.

PET bottle manufacturers make bottles according to size and shape as they can be molded according to the need and preference. Other factors that depend are according to the liquid. For example, carbonated drinks can be stored for an estimated time of 3 months.

Other major industries demanding from PET bottle suppliers are detergents, medicine, and cosmetics. These PET bottles can be easily recycled and again used to produce a new product. One of the major benefits of PET bottles that can be recycled. Everything in this world influences the ecosystem and to ensure no harm to the environment, PET plastics should be recycled.

Recycling of PET plastic resins:

  • Polymer chain breaks down easily at low temperatures thus a good addition to recycling.
  • Globally recycled as segregation of bottles to avoid contamination and then gone through a lot of processes to ensure the formation of plastic pellets.

 PET recycling is very important for sustainable development towards a balance in the ecosystem. It will help reduce dependency on oil and gas and thus reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Thus, a demand for PET bottle suppliers and manufacturers would surely be on the rise to cope up with the higher consumption throughout the world.

Author Bio:
Through the article, the author has explained about the use of PET bottles in industries.

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