Pest Control: Its Importance in the Food Industry

by Pestinct Pro Solutions Pest Management Services Indian
We simply just can’t ignore the nuisance caused by pests in any area of our dwelling. The management or regulation of pests isof vital importance as they can be detrimentally hazardous and harmful to the health of humans, animals, plants and the economy as a whole.

Pest control is a very important component of any business, especially food-related businesses like restaurants, warehouse, food processing, manufacturing units etc. Considering food and related infestations, the most common pests include cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, mites, and spiders and also larger ones like rats, mice bandicoots etc.

The control of pests in the food industry is always a significant work, it is all about protecting human health from the harmful effects of insects and costly damages that these pesky intruders can cause. Most often, when we address pest control or pest management, we always assume eradication of ants, roaches, spiders or fleas; but in fact, it is something that involves the safety of our food and health.
Why is Pest Control Critically Important in the Food Industry?
Food is something that pests are always attracted to. Hence, the food industry is one of the most vulnerable as far as infection by pests are concerned and you just cannot do without pest control to ensure the highest levels of food safety.

Pests are carriers of a huge variety of disease-causing viruses, bacteria, and other such organisms that pose huge health-related threats not only to the consumers, who consume the final product, but also to the staff who handles and process it.
Let’s understand in a better way the importance of Food Factory Pest Control. The types and nature of the pests that infest and the steps that needs to be taken to control and eliminate these threats.
How critical is Food Factory Pest Control:
When we talk about the food factory pest control, pests are a major threat. Some of these major threats are:
-Critical damage to the property and equipment.
-Spread of diseases via transfer of pathogens.
-Food product contaminations and also of the food stations.
-Bad reputation and loss of credit in the market.
-Prosecution and closure of the business.
Depending on the geographical conditions, climate and the type of food ingredient that is being processed, the type of pest varies and so does the food plant pest control techniques. However, there are some common types of pests that can be found in almost all food industries; they are ants, cockroaches, rodents, flies, beetles, and moths.
The Importance of Pest Control at Food Outlets: The Restaurant
The most critical aspect of a restaurant pest control is Prevention. Experts at Pestinct Pro Solution (A Division of NBHC) have been dedicatedly working towards keeping restaurant business pest free.

In most of the cases concealing the potential entry and exit points of pests – like holes and cracks in the building area is what it takes to start with. Further as added measures, regular chemical treatments are also done.
Customer who spot, even a single bug or maybe a rodent running across, can always question you on your restaurant’s sanitation and hygiene quality. While a customer can overlook a bad experience with food and service for once but will never fail to report even a single fly, cockroach or any other foul creature noticed in your restaurant and tell others about the same.

This is why Pest Management Company like Pestinct Pro Solution is so important for your business. In a discreet and quick way, a professional pest control operator can be appointed to address any specific problem related to pests. In addition to saving you from the loss in business, the appointment of a professional team can save you from regulations and fines. Apart from taking care of problems of infestations, professional pest management companies apply plans which can help your restaurant with proactive prevention and strategies to control new infestations well before it starts.
How an Integrated Pest Management benefit your business?
In an integrated pest control system, the focus is on keeping the pests out from the food facility rather than look for a solution after it is already in.
How does it happen?
By inspection
The first step towards prevention is by thorough detailed inspection. All critical spaces like receiving areas, storage facilities, processing units, any wet areas, closets, cardboard boxes and others are thoroughly inspected and identified. Usually, a weeks’ time is good enough for the entire process but if the place has a history of past infestations, then it might take a longer time for the inspection.
By preventive measures
In this step the focus is mainly on the structural maintenance of the premises and sealing it off, to create a hindrance for pests to enter. Also, sanitation is one of the most important preventive measures to ensure that a pest control process is highly effective. The production and storage areas are needed to be kept dry and clean at all time. High pest occurring locations should be identified and recorded for appropriate control.
By monitoring and documenting all
Each and every move of inspection and prevention should be monitored and carefully documented. As monitoring can help in proper application and implementations, documentation will always help in future for references.
Health risks are always there with any sort of pest infestation. At Pestinct Pro Solution, we highly recommend all businesses to immediately address the pest related issues and sanitize the area so that anybody who comes in contact with the area is safe from illness.
At food business the risks are huge, and so are the chances and opportunities to show that you care. Do not overlook or neglect any signs of pest control services infestation and if you spot any, act immediately. They leave you no time to recover from the destruction that they may cause.

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