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by Pestinct Pro Solutions Pest Management Services Indian
Pesky flying bugs are not only a nuisance when buzzing around you but they can also pose serious health risks to people working in your factories as well as visiting clients.  

The common flying insects found in factories are mosquitoes, houseflies, wasps, moths, and gnats.

Mosquitoes can transmit hundreds of diseases without being affected themselves. According to the latest survey, nearly 700 million people worldwide gets infected because of mosquito-borne diseases resulting in over one million deaths. Mosquitoes carry bacteria and viruses that are spread through bites. The common examples of mosquito-borne diseases are malaria, dengue, chikungunya and yellow fever.

Houseflies might seem innocuous as they don’t bite or sting but they are actually quite lethal. They feed in garbage, faeces and rotten food from where they pick up and transmit germs that are harmful to humans. They pick up pathogens and parasites from these places and transfer it to the food on which they land or the surfaces which we touch. It is believed that they transmit at least 65 diseases to humans which include tuberculosis, dysentery, fever, cholera, and poliomyelitis.

Wasps are not harmful to humans but if the person is allergic to their venom then wasps can be lethal too.  Similarly, Moths and gnats are not dangerous but moths can spoil food and create wastes and gnats can damage seedlings and houseplants as they feed on the roots.

For businesses that suffer from infestation of flying bugs, flying insect catchers have come as a saviour. Flying insect catchers use Ultra Violet (UV) lights to draw insects and then trap them on a glue board. They are far better than Electric Fly Killers. In Electric Fly killers, insects are attracted to UV lights and then are electrocuted while they pass through high voltage electric grids. When these insects are electrocuted, they explode and their fragments scatter in the air which can contaminate foods or the surface which comes in contact with the food.

At Pestinct Pro solution (A Division of NBHC), we have a wide range of high-quality Alcochem flying insect catchers that cater to different businesses. All of them comes with shatterproof and powerful UV-A tubes and lasts up to 17500 hours.    
Apart from these, we provide a mobile application that can automatically count insects trapped on glue boards. Additionally, with our UV-A meter, we can measure the UV-A output of tubes.

One of our Flying insect catchers, Alcochem I-Trap 50E WP, is designed especially for shops and dry industrial environments. It comes with I-Trap 50E WP has a weight of 4 kg and covers 65 sq meter of area.

You can buy the above mentioned and many more Fly Catcher for Factory as per your requirements by simply calling us on our toll-free number 1800 103 6242 or drop us an email at We aim to protect your business from pests and will be more than happy to assist you, anytime.  

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