Perfect Steps Will Help You to Sell Your iOS App in the Market

by Kay P. Enabling Digital Transformation For Small & Medium

A 3.5 million figure is not a small number. This is how intense the competition in the Google Play Store is. With a 7-digit figure, this might prove next to impossible in making money to such competitive environment and that there is no point in launching another in these large hers of apps.

Now, don’t lose hope! Even though it really is a competitive place, you still have a plethora of chances in order to generate a good amount of revenue. That is if you know how to act smart. In case, you are not aware of how to make this happen, then here are some tips and tactics you should know in order to sell your iOS app on the market:

  1. Paid or Free? Why not both?

It is obvious, you invest money in an iOS application development so that you can make money out of it, right? So, you choose to create an iOS app developer that requires payment before users can actually use it. That is fine, but not entirely.

Think of this:

There are numerous similar apps that already exist in Google Play Store and these apps are available to users for free.

If I am one of those users, give me one reason, why I should pay for your app when there’s a bunch of similar apps that do not cost me anything?

So, instead of launching a paid app, why not create a free version of your iOS app? The question now is, how will you make money out of it? The best thing you need to do in order to create a balance between the revenue generation and the user base is to launch both your free and paid version of your app. The most basic version should be the free version and in order to use advanced features, users need the paid version.

  1. Register with the App Store

An app store is a great help when it comes to selling your iOS app. In order to avail such help, you need to register on Google Play Store. You need to pay for annual charges when signing up and it is not a big deal. Charges for annual registration only cost you $25. Google Play Store registration will provide you with testing tools to help with your iOS mobile app development and the liberty of publishing on other devices.

  1. Keep inserting attractive contents and features

Users tend to get bored and uninterested when apps have the same contents and features since its launch. You need to keep up with the latest trends and keep inserting and adding the latest contents and features available. Since unique and trending contents are a massive factor in driving revenue to your app, you or your iOS application development company should collaborate with features that you might need to add in your app. Users are always waiting for nuances and if they find something worth it then they will be encouraged to spend money for your app.

  1. Adding Ad is a Great Idea

Want to keep a free version of your app while earning a good sum of money out of it? Then adding ad is your best choice. Keeping your app free can attract more users to download your app and providing ads can help you recover the cost that you paid for an iOS apps development company in developing your app. There are several potential options to host relevant ads based on your app’s category.

  1. Keep your app updated and responsive

Users really hate it when an app is unresponsive and out of date. In fact, most users will abandon or uninstall any app at the very moment that they find that the app is not responsive and contains same old features. So, you need to launch updates for your app in a timely manner. Whenever there are some issues or problems that rise and a customer complains, you need to ask for bug fixes from your iOS development companies and roll out a bug-free, up-to-date, and responsive iOS app in order to satisfy your users. Such factors provide higher ratings to the app and drive more users to the app which leads to more app sale.


Just because there are so many apps in an app store does not mean that you should lose hope. Following these tips and tactics should help you sell your app in no time. If you need an iOS application development company to build an app for you, HokuApps can help you there.

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