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by Kay P. Enabling Digital Transformation For Small & Medium

In the current business scenario, enterprises are racing to get the right software for their business. You and your app developers are geared towards the same development goal of building an application that best suits your enterprise’s needs. However, the race for having the best also creates a rift between two essential aspects - development speed vs. app quality. 

The most prominent marketing trait of major software development companies today is the speed of app delivery. Your app developers, on the contrary, seldom get the time or budget to build a market-leading software. This just means that, in the quest of getting it fast, you might be compromising on functionalities. If customers do not end up getting what they want from a software, the whole idea of getting it fast and quick becomes quite pointless.

This is the reason that Rapid Application Development Platform like HokuApps is highly acknowledged by the app community. Before you set out to develop your own business software, remember that getting it built quickly is important; but eventually, it is the end-result that matters the most for your business. 

An enterprise RAD platform helps you take control of both app quality and speed so that you can deliver quality and fully functional software to the intended audience. 

Problem Areas That Demand Greater Efforts

With traditional models of software development, the end product turns out to be a great market misfit at times. As a result, you end up wasting your time and energy in iterations and learning about proprietary technologies to make it better. Without access to sufficient external support and resources, app performance monitoring can become a real pain point. 

Hence, we have tried jotting down the aspects in app development that demand more attention. It will help you commence your app development journey by identifying the problems first. 

The subsequent steps should involve learning how Rapid Application Development Platform can help you overcome them with quick and effective solutions:

Creating the Base Code

Building the base code for ‘Create, Read, Update and Delete’ (CRUD) functionality of the software exploits most of the time and development efforts. In the absence of RAD Platform, developers often involve in the painstaking process of writing these codes via appropriate tools or use other frameworks to generate the right codes for them. Developers can also create on-demand business modules that allow copying and pasting the necessary codes. But, it is a very skill-specific job and not all app developers can execute it in the right manner.

Refactoring Codes

Refactoring already existing codes become necessary when the software starts functioning within the organizational infrastructure. Your business ecosystem is constantly changing along with the corporate standards, workflow mechanism, and market requirements. Therefore, your app developers often need to refactor codes to make the app relevant to the present business situation. 

Refactoring codes is not easy if you have delved deeper into your app development initiative with the traditional models. From our experience of offering simple and easy rapid application development environment, we advise for the plain standardization of codes that enables automation tools to work effectively.

Integrated Plug-in Capability

In almost all software, a common functionality is developed which is shared across all enterprise systems. Traditional software development models are time-consuming, which compels the developers to copy and paste the code required for the building of this functionality. As a result, this functionality might not work properly when you put it to test.

 If you are looking for a modular and service-specific software architecture, it is best to embed this functionality as plug-in. You need to be watchful about the nature of the plugins too, as it greatly differs as per the enterprise needs.

Use Rapid Application Development Platform to Enhance Development Efficiency

One of the prime reasons that the HokuApps Rapid Application Development Platform has withstood the test of time is its ability to develop apps faster with an iterative approach. If the workflow of your business functionality is complex, or you have voluminous data to be integrated into the software, hand-coding will fail to achieve what you want. 

On the other hand, RAD Platform can revisit different stages of development for you, making appropriate changes along the way, so as to rapidly deliver quality, enterprise-level software integration and development that your employees love to use. 

Here’s a quick brief on how Rapid Application Development Platform can do the trick for you:

Custom Apps Means Less Coding

Rapid web Application Development platforms lie at the core of the low-code revolution that has completely redefined the software development process. This new approach to development helps you create custom software quickly and with greater efficacy. If you judge it from the business level, this means that enterprise RAD platform lets your developers take more productive projects from you. On a large scale, it can save a lot of your time and development efforts, boosting the overall productivity of your enterprise. 

At HokuApps, we offer a RAD Platform that enables you to build, test and deploy apps within days or weeks, thus providing your business the much-needed edge over the competitors.

Solving Complexities with a Linear App Development Approach

From our experience of working with clients coming from various industries, we have seen that software development often becomes a tough process, because there is a wide gap between how the business functions and how the developers understand it. Rapid Application Development Platform helps in developing a uniform ecosystem where these two units work together, filling in gaps in all software development stages. Thus, a linear approach is enforced by the enterprise rapid application development process which can deliver business-specific software to you right on schedule and with minimal effort.

More Space to Analyze and Plan the Development Process

Whether you have a tight project timeline or need to meet the end-user expectations, the consistent and repeatable software development process of Rapid Application Development Platform makes your job easier. 

An easy rapid application development environment helps you to overcome technology challenges in the path and develop quality out-of-the-box software suitable to your business needs. When you have a fully functional software ready using the Rapid Application development platform, your app developers can freely unleash their creativity to extend and enrich it further. Thus, coping with the user demands is no longer a challenging job.

The HokuApps Rapid Application Development Platform Advantage

At HokuApps, we often suggest trying lean and agile software development as the foundation of your development process. Customers often say that our Rapid Application development platform has enabled them to establish a clear software development methodology, significantly improving the estimation and predictability of their development efforts. 

We ascribe our success to the low-code based enterprise rapid application development, which helps us build secure, scalable and high-quality applications with cutting-edge technology. Our Rapid Application Development Platform works by simplifying process complexities so that you never to have to compromise on speed or quality.

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