Peeling Through Fertility Possibilities For Men

by Joanne P. Health Enthusiast
If a man is having problems getting his female partner pregnant, he may be infertile. Men's fertility problems have various causes. A clinic dedicated to IVF in Davao offers several services that can get around these problems. 

The Best Case Scenario
How fertility happens is a grade school lesson. Every part in the production of the sperm should function properly. Any obstruction or abnormalities on any parts may cause infertility problems. 

The process is simple. The testicles produce and store sperm. Premature sperm is stored on the epididymis, the organ perched on top of the testicles. Attached to the epididymis is a tube called vas deferens. The sperm needs to travel up this tube to reach the ejaculatory duct and the prostate gland. 

It is in the prostate gland where the sperm mixes with fluids in the seminal vesicle. When they mix in, they turn into semen. The semen then passes through the urethra before it is ejaculated.

As soon as the semen enters the woman's body, millions of sperm should swim up until they reach the egg. If the semen has no measurable amounts of sperm, the man may be suffering from Azoospermia. 

This problem may stem from obstructions in the sperms’ pathway as it exits the penis. In some cases, testicles may produce little to no sperm. Various medical procedures can be performed to retrieve healthy sperm. When the retrieval of healthy sperm is successful, fertility is now possible.

Here are some of the procedures that can help men with their fertility problems.

Percutaneous Epididymal/Testicular Sperm Aspiration (PESA/TESA)
During this procedure, sperm can be removed without creating an incision. A syringe is inserted either in the epididymis or the testicles. After insertion, the syringe will extract fluids from these organs. If the fluid contains healthy sperm, it can be used for fertilization.

If however, the fluid still lacks sperm, other procedures can serve as alternatives. Other areas in the epididymis and the testicle can be searched for healthy sperm.

Open Fine Needle Aspiration
All these open procedures intend to go through the areas where healthy sperm can be found. An incision will be made on the scrotum, on the tissue covering the epididymis, and the testicle. A needle will then be inserted into the epididymis to extract fluid. 

This approach is usually more accurate. In case unfavorable results happen, surgeons could suggest a microscopic approach.

Microsurgical Epididymal Sperm Extraction (MESA)
This method uses an operating microscope to get a closer look at the epididymis. A small incision will be made on the epididymis. Inside the gland are microscopic tubes. A micropipette will be used to extract fluid inside. After the procedure, the incision will be closed with sutures.

Microsurgical Testicular Sperm Extraction (MicroTESE)
In this procedure, the incision will be made on the testicle. Instead of a micropipette, a tissue sample will be removed and examined. If the tissue still lacks sperm, more samples will be retrieved until healthy sperm is seen.

The Next Best Case Scenario
If all goes well, the sperm will be injected in the egg and fertilization can begin. The sperm can also be stored to be used in a later date.

There are many ways for men to get around their fertility problems. There are IVF services in Davao offering these possibilities. Couples in the Mindanao region don't need to go abroad to experience these possibilities

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