Papers Gallery Luxury packaging boxes at per unit piece in India

by Rohan M. Papers Gallery

Luxury rigid box manufacturers welcome to Papers Gallery the world's central resource for affordable Luxury packaging boxes india! Our premium rigid boxes are made from multiple factories in Delhi NCR India. We are exclusive producers of custom Luxury Rigid Boxes, focusing on offering paper rigid boxes at unbeatable prices & quality. Mostly handmade from some of the world's leading rigid box factories, we welcome our customers to visit each facility and watch the boxes in live production.

Making high-quality Luxury Rigid Boxes is not easy. We ensure that all our criteria for our discerning luxury customers are met to the highest standards.

  • Conceptual Design & Innovation 

  • Prototyping Layout 

  • Engineering Design Services 

  • 3D visualization

Cardboard packaging boxes Buy Papers Gallery Online in India

Papers Gallery Cardboard packaging boxes are widely used for shipping, storing, and organizing various goods. They are versatile, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. Here are some key aspects related to cardboard packaging boxes:

  • Material:

    • Cardboard: Made from heavy paper-pulp or paperboard, cardboard is a sturdy and durable material that provides protection to the packaged items.

    • Corrugated Cardboard: Consists of three layers - a wavy inner layer (corrugated medium) sandwiched between two flat outer layers. This design enhances strength and rigidity.

  • Types of Cardboard Boxes:

    • Regular Slotted Container (RSC): The most common type, with flaps that meet at the center of the box when closed.

    • Half-Slotted Container (HSC): Similar to RSC but with only one set of flaps, suitable for items that need to be slid into the box.

    • Full Overlap Container (FOL): All flaps fully overlap, providing extra strength on the top and bottom.

  • Customization:

    • Cardboard boxes can be easily customized in terms of size, shape, and design to meet specific packaging requirements.

    • Printing options are available for branding, product information, and other details.

  • Eco-Friendly:

    • Cardboard is a sustainable and recyclable material, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

    • Many companies and consumers prefer cardboard packaging due to its recyclability.

  • Cost-Effective:

    • Cardboard boxes are generally cost-effective compared to other packaging materials, making them a popular choice for businesses.

  • Protection and Cushioning:

    • Corrugated cardboard provides a level of cushioning to protect items from shocks and vibrations during transportation.

    • Additional packaging materials, such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts, can be used for extra protection.

  • Applications:

    • Used in various industries, including e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, and logistics, for packaging and shipping a wide range of products.

  • Storage and Organization:

    • Cardboard boxes are commonly used for storage and organization in homes and offices due to their stackability and versatility.

  • Disposal:

    • Cardboard is easily recyclable, and many communities have recycling programs in place for cardboard packaging.

When using Papers Gallery cardboard packaging boxes, it's essential to consider the specific needs of the items being shipped or stored to ensure proper protection and minimize environmental impact.

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