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by Prem Kumar Digital Marketing Specialist

What place could be better to expand your academic career than Poland? This country is the birth-place of esteemed Polish idols like famous inventor Marie Curie, Frederic Choplin, a famous composer spent his childhood, Pope John Paul II, and many more. The academic treasures lie within the boundaries of Poland is beyond measure or comparison. The country is located in Central Europe, and provides quality education to almost 500 American students every year under its universities and colleges with open arms. With Cities like Krakow and Warsaw, Poland has transformed into a tourist hub for millions of adventurers, explorers, and travelers around the world. They don’t need to be convinced to explore the combination of Poland’s natural wonders and career opportunities; they just get attracted to its refreshing atmosphere to reduce stress, resurrect their excitements, and live an affordable lifestyle. Polish, a western Slavic language widely used as an official language of Poland, but foreign students with a brief knowledge of English language can easily communicate to the Polish People. The second largely occupied language is Russian, but recently replaced by English and German, making Poland a land of diverse languages and cultures, therefore, making it a perfect place for study abroad as 50% of its residences today speaks English. The fee structures for international students who aspire for higher education are even lighter in comparison to many other countries, but the financial aid and scholarship programs they provide under their study abroad programs are much more supportive than US and UK.

Student Life

Polish teachers and academic instructors are highly devoted to uplift their education standards and so the qualities of their study programs and courses and so their students well as deeply engaged in embracing this tradition. Polish degree, diploma or other credentials are globally recommended and recognized by potential employers for its quality standards and reputation in the world, but unlike many other universities, they too provide specialized courses in various disciplines. Students here are very competitive and they valiantly engage in long stretched debates over politics, diverse cultures, and superstitious topics. Still, their lifestyle outside their academic mind is very pleasurable and comforting with access to night parties and cafe, and vigorous outdoor games to keep themselves stress-free. They live sometimes on University premises with other students and something they rent their accommodations. Study in Poland will give a satisfying experience to those who believe in growth and prosperity.                

Climate and Lifestyle

Study in Poland packages comes with a range of exciting and adventurous opportunities. The word “Poland” can instantly chill your bones with thoughts of its naturally cold climate and snowfall, but make no mistake as in recent times, its lifestyle has gained momentum and the country itself is overwhelming with thousands of visitors every year. Poland is attracting magnitude of people to its newly formed lifestyle, qualified academic standards and natural resplendence, making it the first choice for people to earn and learn. Poland has a mild temperature with relatively cold weathers during winter and hot summers which are greatly influenced by the Oceanic air currents from the West and cold Polar air from Scandivania and Russia and hot subtropical air from South.

Students are flocking to its center from Russia, India, Scandivania, but the majority of foreign students hail from UK and USA. Poland is the home of some old and prestigious universities and 9 of them have found their way in the top 550 Universities of the world according to the QS World University Ranking 2017-2018.

Historical Significance 

The evidence of Polish achievements can be found in several historical events like the first full face transplant surgery done in USA was directed by a Polish Doctor, Maria and many Polish scientists have secured a high position in different countries. Their academic heritage needs no introduction as it began in 14th century with Jagiellonian University in Krakow (with popes, priests, cardinals, kings as its alumni) and created world’s first State Ministry of Education. 


Poland is located in the central part of Eastern Europe and surrounded by Lithuania, the Baltic Sea, and Kaliningrad Oblast to the North, Ukraine and Belarus to the East, Germany to the West and Czech Republic and Slovakia to the South. It is the 9th largest country in the area and 8th largest in the population throughout the world. As a part of European Union, Study in Poland will give you access to explore the rest of the European nations.

Transportation and Food           

The transportation system in Poland is well polished with huge railway network, and other heavy/light vehicles. Food and water are perfectly enjoyable and there is hardly any unpleasant incident of bad health conditions ever experienced by foreigners, stick to your routine plans and don’t eat too much junk food and take only packaged drinking water and you will be fine.          

Safety Rules

The safety rules in a foreign country are pretty simple, just stick to your business and avoid anything suspicious and you will be safe


Cost of living

After the World War 2, Poland economy was badly broke still the country itself powered their economic engine with revolutionary ideas and infrastructure. The country is well-known for its affordable study abroad packages for students all around Europe with a pretty stable economy. An average International student under graduation program will require 300-650 euros a month which include food, accommodation, study material, transportation, and miscellaneous charges, which is far better than US and UK. Study in Poland packages are best pocket-friendly for those who are suffering a financial crisis.  

The very logical fact about money is that the more you desire, the more you will spend, and your options of money are very limited in a foreign country, and simply depend on your lifestyle. So, reduce your daily expenses, expand your saving, and find yourself part-time jobs to support your financial situations are some of the best examples of money-oriented mind. Be yourself or you will find yourself drowned under debts or lose your scholarship program, a fact of common sense.     











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