Optimal Food Choices for Health and Protein Intake

by Nina S. content writer

Eating healthy is half of the battle to staying in shape. How we care for our bodies will reflect our health as we age. Being physically active, exercising, going to the gym or doing a physically demanding job all require adjusting your diet. Protein is there to repair, heal, grow and energise your entire musculature and bones, helping you achieve more muscle gains and better results. You don't have to spend money on expensive additives and supplements. Protein comes from Mother Nature and comes in both animal and plant forms. It's up to you to utilise it with a bit of help from us.

1. Fish

Australia is an island surrounded by bountiful types of fish nesting on its shores. Everything from the sea is incredibly healthy and should be part of your weekly menu. Fish, oysters, lobster, tuna, seafood, urchins and others are all packed with protein, amino acids and omega 3, which our body can't produce. Fish can't contain fat but are rich in oils and minerals, which differ from land animals. Think of fish as the other half of your equation of protein intake. Because they are so different from land animals, their body structure compliments whatever we are missing.


2. Eggs

While eggs are much smaller when compared to other types of food, they are jam-packed with protein. A single egg can have up to 5 grams of protein, so a breakfast of 4 eggs can give you anything from 10 to 20 grams of protein, depending on their quality. If you exercise or do anything physically demanding, you will realise why breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eggs can also be an additive to other food types. Spinach and eggs, sausages with eggs, or you can use them in cooking. Each recipe that includes eggs in its formula will contain protein.

3. Poultry

It does not matter what came first, the chicken or the egg, as long as you eat them both. Poultry is the less expensive meat that's easier to digest and prepare than its bovine counterparts. Poultry is versatile when you wish to prepare it. You can deep fry it, cook, steam, boil, roast or BBQ it, and it will still be great. Dipping it in a marinade or deep frying is perfect for eating delicious protein. Combine it with rice, and you have a complete meal to fill your protein quota. Light on calories and full of protein is how you can view poultry meat.

4. Meat

Nothing beats the king of protein, which is meat in all its forms. Beef, pork, lamb, or other bovine-based meat are all packed with protein, fats and minerals. Preparing a healthy and filling protein meal is easy once you get the best and fresh meat online in Sydney, after which you can start grilling. Rub a bit of oil, salt and pepper on any piece of meat and grill for as long as you wish. The meat retains its nutritional value regardless of how long its been grilled. Or you can chop it up and make any stew. The crucial thing to remember is to keep a balanced diet. Meat alone will not suffice, and make sure that your plate is half meat and half vegetables.


5. Dairy products

Protein can come in liquid form and even creamy. Changing how you view it will let you complement your daily intake and how you approach your meal planning. Milk, Greek yogurt, sour creme and cheese are all great sources. Anything that constitutes dairy and is based on milk contains protein, among its other benefits. Making milkshakes, where you mix milk, bananas, and nuts, is perfect for a smoothy to fill you up and grant you massive amounts of protein. Roughly speaking, 100ml of milk contains about 7 grams of protein, so you can plan. 

6. Nuts& Beans

Seeds contain everything a plant needs to grow and flourish. For a plant to start its life, it needs everything that's inside. This means that seeds contain a high amount of calories, minerals and proteins for you, compressed into a compact size. Walnuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts and everything with the word "nuts" in it, all contain large amounts of protein and calories. Beans are a similar category and are great for preparing various meals. Beans are usually cooked into stews or added as a supplement to some meals. 

In England, they are part of their traditional breakfast, which is an incredible start to your day. Beans and nuts are both seeds in a way, containing a boost to plant growth, and you can view them as batteries. Combining nuts in smoothies or beans with meat and vegetables in meals is a great way to include them in your diet. Or you can munch them separately whenever you get the machines. Nuts are a great alternative to sweets when you have cravings, and a small portion will fill you up quickly.

Protein is essential to our bodies, like many other substances. Each plays its part in keeping us healthy, strong and vital for years. A diverse plate brings much-needed strength inside you and proves that you don't need to eat only one type to grow your muscles or remain healthy. When you include different types of food you are making it easier for yourself to plan meals. Make sure that your daily intake contains meat, vegetables, dairy and nuts, with plenty of water. That way, you will see the results of your hard work in no time!

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