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First, let us understand what is On-Page SEO -

On-Page SEO is the set of techniques which you use on your website. It can be the changes which you make within your site. In order to earn the trust of Google as well as to gain the relevant traffic your site deserves.

Now, let us know more about On-Page SEO Techniques -

  • Unique And Catchy Titles - Your page and blog posts titles or you can say headings. Should always be unique and catchy. Which also should have the main keywords you are using for that blog post. Let me give you an example here suppose you are writing an article about ''Chocolate Fudge''. Now you can have the numerous ideas for your blog post article. It can be simple or it can be catchy and attractive. Why we want Your title to be classy and attractive? Because attractive titles blog posts get more clicks rather than simple titles. You can write the title as ''Chocolate Fudge Recipe''. Or you can write ''Appetizing Chocolate Cake Recipe''. The choice is yours. If you want more clicks or less.

  • Meta Descriptions - Many bloggers forget the importance of meta descriptions. Or they keep it very simple. Now let us first understand what actually is meta description? It is a summary of our blog post in 3-4 lines. And remember that it should always include your keyword of that post. Because when your page starts to rank meta description also shows up. So you must try to keep it a bit attractive. Let us now take the same example of  ''Chocolate Fudge''. For this, your meta description can be something as follows ''This is the divine recipe of chocolate fudge. I insist you bake this cake with the same ingredients for your loved ones. I am very sure that they will love it.'' Short and sweet meta description. Isn't?

  • Body Tages (H1, H2.H3) etc. - When you are writing up an article. You must break it into short paragraphs with important headings for your readers. As not everybody is interested in reading long articles. To keep the attention of your readers. You must break your articles into short paragraphs. Even you should use your keywords in your body tags as well.

  • Take care of your articles keyword density - This is very important as you should take care of the number of times your keyword is used. How many times a keyword should be used depends upon how long your article is. As it assists your search engine to know what your content is all about. However, if you use keyword excessive times, then it will be keyword stuffing. Which is negative as well.

  • Use Images - If you use relevant images in your content. Then it will make your content look more engaging. Otherwise contents without proper use of 2-5 images. Looks a bit boring. And does not attracts as many visitors. Your images should also have titles or keywords. So keep that in mind also.

  • Internal Linking - Almost everyone confuses this one. Everybody thinks that to make a site relevant. A site must have links from other useful websites. Which is wrong. As your site to keep your readers engaged must have a number of internal links within your posts. As this is one of the best ways to keep your readers engaged within your site.

  • URL Structure - Short URLs works better for the search engine. Too long URL does not work better. Your URL must have the focus keyword for it to work best.

  • External Linking - After you are done with Internal Linking in your own site. Now it's time for external linking. However, you need to do external linking only if the information on the external website is similar to yours. There is something you need to keep in mind that is when doing external linking you must link to only those websites who are authentic as external links from bad websites. Could harm your website as well.

  • Write good contents - When we are talking about On-Page Techniques. We cannot forget the importance of content creation. You must write contents which are relevant and useful. As according to the new Google update. Google will look out for sites who post informative contents. You must know your audiences. Know their mindset and then write according to it. Writing good contents is the must. And you must work on it to become better in writing.

Other Things To Keep In Mind -

  • Make sure to have social sharing buttons on your site.
  • Only use headings once. What I mean here is that if you have used H1 once. It's done now it's time for H2.
  • Don't overload your content with keywords.
  • When you are writing for a website. The longer the content the better it is. Say minimum 1500+. But for it should be useful i.e. if you are writing anything just to increase the word limit. You must not do that. Your content needs to be important.

The techniques I discussed above were On-Page SEO Techniques. When you use these techniques they can help your page rank better. Which is something which needs to be taken care of otherwise it can create a bad impression on Google. Simple techniques and very easy to implement.

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