One-stop store for your luxury fashion wishlist in India

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The word ‘luxury’ seems like something that should be reserved for the upper class. The highest of the social hierarchy. When you think of luxury simply as a word, the image that your brain conjures up is not that of regular people enjoying high-end things but of people who were born with a silver spoon, had everything handed to them, and are probably worth more than your net worth. 

It is obviously what we think because that is exactly what we have been taught since the beginning of our lives. Luxury fashion is for the elite. Luxury fashion is for those who have a flush of money and have nothing to worry about in their lives. It has always been a thinly-veiled word for gluttony. Something that is frowned upon because we should work hard and indulge the least in things that pertain to any kind of pleasure. 

That is obviously a lie sold to us by the capitalist model of society so that only the top 1% can indulge themselves meanwhile the rest of us work diligently, restlessly without any respite whatsoever. It is a foolproof plan that has worked flawlessly for centuries but not anymore. The current generation is impervious to these techniques. We know what we are worth and we will accept nothing less.

We understand that luxury fashion brands are not just meant for those who have blue ticks in front of their social media accounts. It is something that all of us can have and enjoy. It is accessible to us way easier and it is an enjoyable experience rather than something forbidden that will make you uncomfortable. The notion of it being “unattainable” has been long swept under the rug. You like something, you can go get it if you can afford it. 

Especially in India, ever since colonial times, we have had a huge class division that put us into boxes that were hard to break out of. The “working class” could not possibly dream of something like owning a luxury fashion brand item. 

But as time passed, we broke out of this mentality slowly but surely. There is no stigma associated with it today and it will only get better with time as we get bolder and bolder in our purchases and remain nonchalant about it. Luxury fashion will be the norm in this country soon and it will not be a surprise. 

Luxury Fashion as the standard 

The rise of brands and more brand awareness 

In the past people shopped by the article they’re looking to buy, rather than a specific brand. In the present day, people not only ask for brands by name but are completely aware of what to get from which brand. They are well informed and make it a point to do their homework before any kind of shopping. 

The emergence of luxury fashion in India is not a coincidence. People take an interest in specific brands and the mass response and positive feedback have made certain brands that were previously unavailable in India be launched here due to the sheer number of people who are willing to buy from them. 

This has been possible because of technology and the engagement of the general public in following trends. There have been multiple brand-specific trends that require you to shop from those brands. People end up trying them and liking them. The availability of all the descriptive information you need and plenty of reviews also helps in creating brand awareness amongst the buyers. 

The priorities and mindset 

Luxury fashion in India has caught the wind and will continue to take the economy by storm because the buyers, well most of them, are young people. The youngest generation of the earning class has a rather different approach to spending their hard-earned money when compared to their predecessors. 

While the older generation believed in spending on only the things that they “needed”, whereas the present generation believes that luxury fashion items make them feel good about themselves and provide comfort and longevity. 

The priority of the current generation is to wear clothes that look good rather than just functional. Their priority is to follow the trends that their favorite celebs have set because it makes them feel closer to someone they admire. 

Their priority is to get that exclusive item that may be a little pricier than the alternatives but is one of a kind. Their priority is to live rather than just survive and that is a leap in human behavioral patterns that has not only made the experience of luxury fashion in India and everywhere else be more prevalent but also has freed all of us from our own construction of mental blocks that kept us from enjoying what we like because of loosely-held, pointless social constructs. 

One-stop store for your luxury fashion wishlist in India

The availability and accessibility 

With the rise of technology and the general ease of production, manufacturers have had no issues meeting the demand with supply. The profit margin increases if an item can be pushed into the realm of the impulse buy section and flies off the shelves due to sheer availability. The surplus of luxury items makes luxury fashion shopping in India easier to do because you do not have to partake in a 4-month long ritual every time you want to make a purchase. 

In olden times there was no such option if you wanted to shop from a luxury fashion brand. There had to be a waiting period of several months for every item. There had to be a long, arduous process of going over the details of what you wanted. 

The browsing or selection process was either you seeing someone wearing a particular article, or going to the store and taking a stroll there. Regardless of whether or not you have made up your mind, you had to make a purchase because leaving without doing so was in bad taste and would not be healthy for your status. Speaking of which, you have to have a high societal status in order to even set foot inside such a store.

Needless to say, these are the rules of the past. Now you can access any luxury fashion brand from the comfort of your home. You can browse through the collections for hours, you can leave without buying anything, and if you do make a purchase, you will not have to wait for more than a few days for the item to be on your doorstep. The emergence of e-commerce businesses and pre-existing offline businesses that have expanded into the e-commerce sector has given us so much freedom and power. 

If you want to do luxury shopping in India, you don’t even have to give it a second thought. You can just open a browser window, visit a site that houses multiple luxury fashion brands like Iconic, and start looking through. Not only are you bound to pick something relatively fast, but you will also see just how many luxury fashion brands are available to pick from. A brand like Kendall & Kylie that you were probably only seeing in Instagram reels and TikToks of people who live abroad, is available and is just a few clicks away. 

Relative value 

If I told you that luxury fashion brands do not just offer better quality but better value for money, you would likely scoff at that. It is however a fact. When you shop from a luxury fashion brand, you get premium quality and a team of people who were hired especially to ensure that the quality is absolutely top-notch. How does this translate to value? Well, when you buy a cheaper item, say a pair of jeans that is 1000 bucks, it will last you 5-8 months max before the fabric loses its elasticity and starts bleeding the color. 

If you buy a 9k bucks pair of jeans from a luxury fashion brand, it will easily last you a decade because it is true denim material and it will not lose its properties with time. If anything, it will look better as it ages because that’s what happens to true denim. So this way, you are spending 900/year on a luxury fashion item, and 1500/year on the “cheaper” alternative. 

Not to mention that with a luxury fashion item you get branding. Sporting a pair of Elle jeans is way more appealing than a pair of jeans where the name is a thinly-veiled rip-off of a well-known brand.

A final word

The future is luxury shopping in India is very bright and fairly looked forward to. It is an exciting notion for both sellers and buyers. The wave of wearing clothes that give the best of everything has struck the south Asian continent as well and with the numbers, we have in terms of population, we are bound to give them the best response when it comes to sales. 

The availability of top-of-the-line luxury fashion brands on Iconic is already a great thing and we can only imagine what the future of luxury shopping in India will have in store for us. By the look of the current trajectory, it sure seems promising.

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