5 Reasons Why It Is Criminal To Not Consider Personas In A Marketing Campaign

by Nadeem Saifi Copywriter Content Writer

A successful marketing campaign is one which lets you reach out to the right people at the right time. The content that is rolled out through your campaigns should be directed in a way that every person who has an interest in your products or services, is able to relate to it and is motivated to buy your offerings. 

But, each customer is different with their own aspirations and requirements when it comes to interacting with your brand. So, how do you leverage each and every customer out there?

Lately with the advent of Marketing Technologies, and Marketing Automation Agencies,  this challenge is getting addressed 

The answer is by creating specific marketing campaigns through their buyer personas. A buyer persona is ‘a fictional character created to represent the different groups of people that have a direct or indirect impact on your sales & marketing initiatives.  Data supports the fact any marketing initiative is more successful with excellent results while using personas as these personas are chosen smartly, their probability of buying product or service is an only demographics. Persona helps you to define motives, preferences, behaviours and buying reasons  Just like each buyer is unique, so is their persona. To successfully engage with your customer base, it is mandatory to take into account their personas and what motivates them to make a purchase decision. 

Your content should be tailored to suit each persona so that they find value in it and feel the urge to connect with it. And, here we give you five reasons why, if you don’t take personas into account, you won’t be making significant progress in your marketing success stories:

1.  The Message Of The Campaigns Will Be Diluted:

A buyer persona attach context to your content and shapes how the knowledge is gathered and presented, allowing you to to take intelligent decisions about your marketing communication. When you talk to everyone, you end up talking to no one. Your message, in an effort to reach EVERYONE, simply gets less clear, less focused – and less likely to engage.

2. Qualitative Output Of Your Marketing Campaigns Will Be Lost:

Effective content is designed for a specific target audience, so it’s necessary that you understand how this segment is going to respond. A buyer persona specific marketing campaign will give you better results because it will address a specific issue that your personas are facing. When you are not doing that, you will lose out on potential customers as they will not feel the need to interact with your content, however good it might be.

3. Inconsistent Marketing Campaigns Will Not Fulfill A Company’s SMART Goals:

A company redirects all its efforts, whether in sales, marketing, or customer service towards achieving its SMART, which is, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely, goals. And, you can get the maximum benefit out of these if your marketing campaigns are directed towards the same. If you do not have campaigns that are related to your targeted buyer personas, you will end up spending a lot of time and money with no quantifiable results.

4. Non-Focused Marketing Campaigns Will Not Give You A Good Return On Investment:

Buyer persona specific marketing campaigns are the ideal choice for any business. When the end customer is known, and a campaign is designed keeping them in mind, it will give you desired returns as the customer will engage with your content. When you do not do this, you lose out on potential customers and your organisation loses out on generating revenue.

5. Marketing Campaigns With No Connect Will Result In Less Engagement:

If you do not have buyer persona specific marketing campaigns, your users will not feel the need to connect with your content and they will simply skim over it. It will get lost in their social media feeds, or they will simply not feel the need to click on your marketing emails. This can be potentially damaging for your company and will also lead to less user engagement with the content that you have created. 

So, make sure to always keep your buyer personas in mind when you plan, design, and execute a marketing campaign to reach out to the maximum people and leave a lasting impact. A successful marketing campaign will leave a lasting impression of your content and they will make a decision which is in your favour.

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