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On time Delivery is a Shopify App that let customers choose their order delivery time and date. Delivery date is the capacity of an organization to fulfill the needs and punctually return the services or products to the customers.

What does on time delivery App do?

Plenty of things in this world are halfway. However, the extremely valuable gift that everyone might own equally is 24 hours of the day. And maybe, hardly an individual could long to throw such a valuable day of their life to do nothing than wait for shippers. An excessive number of things have been said on the importance of on time delivery to the point it appears as plain as no more than a theory of being punctual to individuals who definitely know how exactly it effects on brand‘s prestige, reputation, and dependability, just as customer’s satisfactory, yet stay conform with thousands of orders reaching late every day in practice.

Delivery management application causes you to remove the uncertainty from the order delivery process. Shopify delivery date application furthermore manages the min delivery lead day, that means you can skip current or more days from running day. You may give cut-off time on the delivery days and minimum lead day. This Shopify application is the best for local delivery supplier or same day delivery option.

The best quality level of local delivery is the delivery of goods or services on the customer’s requested date. Organization need to monitor this closely: not only is it a key factor in deciding customer loyalty. However, contracts frequently impose penalties for late delivery. In certain instances, clients may even seek to recover costs for losses they have suffered because of the result of failure to deliver on time.

Customers who receive their orders late are substantially more likely to have a negative impression of their experience with your company. Frequent failure to meet On time Delivery targets is a guarantee of customer complaints and bad reviews.

How Delivery Date and Time will meet customer’s expectation?

Meeting customer’s expectations and delivery requirements have to be a priority for every business. The good news is those expectations are typically pretty simple: orders should be shipped accurately and arrive on time.

However, companies that struggle to meet other key deadlines upstream in their supply chain and during manufacturing observe this to be simpler said than done. Poor On Time Delivery (OTD) performance impacts more than customers - it’s generally an indicator of poor production proficiency and materials handling procedures.

Consistent issues with local delivery can cause issues that influence numerous different areas of an organization’s supply chain. A few examples include production delays because of material deficiencies, avoidable expedited transportation costs, and being overwhelmed with customer complaints.

Less appreciated might be the greater issue that regularly delivering late becomes a difficult habit to change. A daily schedule of tolerating that poor on-time delivery performance is okay affects every region of a business and can irreparably harm customer relationships.

What benefits does On time Delivery provides?

l  Allow Customers to receive their orders exactly on their selected particular date and time

l  Easy and simple setup

l  Give you a full control

l  You will be provided Live chat support after installing the On time Delivery Application

Why On Time Delivery is important for online business:

Increase customer confidence - When a business delivers product late, it brings clients into doubt with respect to the serious deadlines issues faced by the organization. Using On Time Delivery, you can build your customers trust again.

Build customer relationships - One of the most genuine costs that any business needs to pay for the late delivery of its products is the loss of relationships. Those customers who are new would right away cut their relationship with the current businesses and proceed onwards to create relationships with new ones. So why should you let them go? Make a strong relationship with them by delivering timely deliveries.

The growth of business - When customers would not pay for the late delivery of products, businesses would, in the end, lose and continue to suffer as far as of its profitability and revenue. If the product they bought they get delivered timely, the profit in business increased automatically.

Effectiveness and efficiency - The Company isn't utilizing its assets effectively. This, in turn, leads to high costs of production with regards to a full stop. The business needs to acquire for the production cost and employee’s salaries and wages. When you have orders having delivery date and times, you may manage the time for production and will have the number of employees you required.

Main functionalities of Delivery Date

Flexible delivery schedule

Empower your customers to indicate their favored date and time for the order delivery before checking out.

Keep track of delivery orders

Store owners have orders with the delivery date and time so that they can manage it manually and also find out what day they will have to give delivery of the product.

Completely customized

You have all access to change features and functionality. You may do concern setting according to your need and receive the benefits from customers.

Features of On time delivery App:

·         Completely Customizable

·         Select how many days you wanted to be available for deliveries

·         Select start weekdays. I.e. If you wanted to make calendar starts weekday as Monday than select Monday from the checkbox. Accordingly, choose another day for start weekdays.

·         Set minimal interval of days between order date and delivery date

·         Add cut-off time which works with minimal lead days and disabled days.

·         Select your selected date-time format and time zone.

·         Flexible delivery schedule

·         Add note before and after your time slot

·         Select order delivery date in a calendar view and time slots conveniently

·         Multi-language supported

·         Control holidays, weekends and weekday time slots through your administrator. You can disable dates(weekend, holidays) which customer would not ready to pick

·         Add time slot availability as per the days for delivery

·         Limit the number of orders for the current day in all time slots

·         Display delivery date and time in the order details page, likewise print them to your order confirmation email template. Accordingly, it shows on checkout and Thank You page.

·         Control Order deliveries by the calendar and filter it by Month and by Week

·         Make sure all Orders have been made with the application or manually included from Order listing

·         Responsive for all devices compatible

·         And some more...

The On Time Delivery scheduler can be used by retailers whose customers wish to schedule deliveries for example florists, chocolatiers, furniture stores, blessing stores, etc.

Delivery management application will moreover give you a chance to manage and deal with your delivery date effectively and send them to the customers timely which causes you to build trust from the customers.

No more extra calls, enables customers to leave all the important information during on the cart page before the checkout procedure by themselves.

At the end but not at least, the most important part of this application is Live Chat. This allows you to get a solution and answer to your all questions and issues constantly.

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